Kitchen Color Combinations that POP!

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can create a dynamic, stylish space by using kitchen color combinations that pop. Because the kitchen is quickly becoming the most popular room in the home, you should use the space to celebrate your style and personality!  We not only cook meals in this room, we entertain guests and host family events there, too. It’s the heart of the home, and the epicenter of activity. Which is why it’s a room deserving of a kitchen designer’s magic touch!

Make a statement! Try these bold kitchen color combinations. And, when in doubt, don’t forget to ask the kitchen design experts at GNH Lumber for guidance and tips. Schedule a free consultation.

Here are our favorite kitchen color combinations that POP:

Pale Shades Against Blues

Pale Shades Against Blues

A classic combination that never goes out of style, pale cabinetry against steely blues creates a beautiful contrast and can help evoke a nautical feel. This beachside kitchen by Mid Continent Cabinetry uses smoky grey cabinetry against a dark blue clad wall to make the brightness leap forward.

The reverse is true in the KraftMaid kitchen below, where designers used steel grey cabinetry against white tiles and ceilings and pale blue walls to create dramatic contrast:

Pale Shades Against Blues 2


Warm Wood Tones and Pale Beiges

Warm Wood Tones and Pale Beiges

The inviting warmth of the KraftMaid kitchen above is achieved by using soft beiges to highlight deep, reddish wood tones of the cabinetry. Turned legs, glass doors, and crown molding provide a rich wood texture that contrasts beautifully with the smooth tile and pale stucco-colored walls. Try adding a splash of color with throw pillows and fabrics, or add dazzling, colorful tiles, as in this Omega kitchen:

Warm Wood Tones and Pale Beiges 2

Red and Black

Red and Black

Black cabinetry is made even more impactful when bounded by reddish hardwood floors and cabinetry, and red countertops.   The color combination in the Omega kitchen above creates a sleek, modern space that serves as a backdrop to colorful tile, featured dishware or organic centerpieces.

You can also mix up black cabinetry with red cabinetry, as in the Mid Continent kitchen below. Try adding red accepts with whimsical lighting features, floral displays and dishware to create a stylish flair that’s all your own:

Red and Black 2

Black and White

Black and White

Black and white is elegant and contemporary and lends itself to many design options. Don’t forget, you don’t have to go entirely black with your cabinetry – in the KraftMaid kitchen above, the bold pairing of white cabinet doors and drawer fronts with black crown molding creates striking visual interest in this luxurious kitchen.

Or consider customizing your cabinetry in creative ways, like this combined black upper and white base Omega cabinetry combo:

Black and White 2


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