Creating a Kitchen that You – and Your Wallet – will Love!

 Creating a Kitchen that You – and Your Wallet – will Love!Kitchen Designers are “Creative Problem Solvers”

When you embark on a kitchen design collaboration with Keri at GNH Lumber, you quickly discover that she is like a seasoned guide leading you through the difficult terrain of design choices, options and considerations. You have a specific destination in mind, and your designer’s job is to get you there with as few mishaps as possible.

Keri likes to think of designers as ‘creative problem solvers,’ and her first task at hand, when working with a client, is to gather information about your “project, lifestyle, and overall design taste.” Always, her emphasis is on listening:

“You can achieve a lot through listening and asking the right questions, communication is a large part of my occupation. I then build the design around what I know of my client and their needs, as opposed to simply creating something that I like. This makes all the difference.”

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GNH Kitchen Designer, Keri Rossback

Keri Rossback has been a part of the GNH Lumber team for fifteen years. Her knowledge of design and extensive experience in the lumber industry allows her to create lasting designs that are as functional and efficient as they are beautiful. Above all, she enjoys helping customers make their design dreams a reality.


Should You “Go Bold” or Go Home?

You might be wondering, Should I go bold with my design or stay conservative?  “The answer to this question, Keri says, lies with you. “Whatever is right for you, personally, is best for the space you live in. For some, that means a classic design that features neutrals and a style that can span generations. For others, it means showing their love of color and implementing the current trends. This is where listening comes into play, when you get to know your clients, you are able to deliver designs that speak to their true natures.”

Her general advice though, is “to ‘play it safe’ on the big-ticket or permanent items (i.e. cabinetry and countertops) and show your personality and current style through components that can be easily changed, such as decorative hardware, lighting, and paint.”

Solving for Small Spaces and Budget Constraints

In a world where everything is getting larger (from plates to appliances), it can be a challenge to incorporate all your “must-haves” into a small space. “Those, however, are some of my favorite projects,” Keri confides, “because it forces you to be creative and look for ways to make the space work. Where possible, I take advantage of the height in a room, stacking cabinetry or bringing it all the way to the ceiling, which gives additional storage space on the horizontal plane.” She also recommends appliances that work as double-duty (think microwaves in vent hoods and range combinations).

And, as far as budget goes, there’s no limit to what you can do within a given budget when a creative designer is on your team. Or, as Keri puts it, “There are thousands of ways to design the same kitchen, my job is to direct my clients through those variations to create a space that they – and their wallets – love.”

Wondering what kitchen design trends are gaining in popularity? Keri’s response may surprise you: “I never thought I’d say this, but BRASS! Metallics are huge right now, and that can be see through decorative hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and even appliances. We’re also going to be seeing a resurgence of wood tones and black finishes, especially in cabinetry. All-black kitchens could soon surpass the all-white trend, and the strong grey tones that have been with us for the last ten years are fading, giving way to warmer tones, texture, and color.”