How to Design Your Kitchen with Extra Storage

How to Design Your Kitchen with Extra Storage

If you’re planning a new kitchen, or updating an existing one, it’s a good idea to design your kitchen with extra storage in mind right from the start. It’s almost impossible to have too much storage – but having not enough can result in frustration, wasted time and pervasive clutter.

Did you ever find yourself stacking pots inside the oven when it’s not in use? Or maybe your countertops are doubling as storage spaces for appliances and less frequently used items. In general, lack of storage makes it challenging to organize your space for ease of use. So, why not ramp up your storage from the very beginning?

When in doubt, call on the kitchen design experts at GNH Lumber for storage tips!

If you’re wondering how to design your kitchen with extra storage, here’s how it’s done:

Plan for Functional Work Areas

Plan for Functional Work Areas

Nowadays the kitchen often doubles as a nursery, laundry room or home office. Create ample storage even in the narrowest of spaces by taking advantage of vertical space (think upwards). Try adding high rows of shelves and stacking your appliances.

We recommend easy-to-assemble, fully customizable modular closets to create instant storage anywhere in the house. The best part is, they are very affordable compared to regular closets!


Don’t Forget Wine Storage

Don’t Forget Wine Storage

Have an extra wall in the kitchen that’s not very functional? The dark wine cabinet with built-in storage above is the ideal solution for a kitchen nook or wall that can be designated as a wine bar.

Wine Pantry   Wine Storage for Smaller Space

Or consider a pantry cabinet built with wine storage and a customized refrigeration system. With room to dispense and store, a pantry makes entertaining a delight.

Another alternative for smaller kitchen spaces is a wine storage unit stacked above your sink or in an upper cabinetry unit.

Large or Double Counter Islands

Large Counter Island

Making a big visual impact is easy when the large island is center stage. But, beyond its obvious functionality, counter islands also provide wonderful storage solutions of every variety. Consider open shelving on one corner of the island for easy access to everyday items. And keeping drawers for commonly used utensils and cooking preparation items will make mealtime a breeze.

Need even more storage space? Consider adding two counter islands! This makes a dramatic focal point and doubles the possibilities for customized workstations and storage solutions. You can even dedicate one island to barstool seating:

Double Counter Island

Organize Your Drawers

Organize Your Drawers

Black and white is elegant and contemporary and lends itself to many design options. Don’t forget, you don’t have to go entirely black with your cabinetry – in the KraftMaid kitchen above, the bold pairing of white cabinet doors and drawer fronts with black crown molding creates striking visual interest in this luxurious kitchen.

Or consider customizing your cabinetry in creative ways, like this combined black upper and white base Omega cabinetry combo:

Black and White 2

Finally, don’t forget to plan for organization of your storage spaces themselves.

For example, you can customize your cutlery storage with cutlery dividers and cabinet drawer inserts. And you can do the same for dishware with dish inserts to maximize storage in deeper drawers. Base cabinet pullout shelving is also a great way to layer up your storage to match your family’s needs – plus it’s easy to access items from any side of the cabinet!

Pull Out Cabinets   Appliance Garage

Take advantage of cabinetry solutions that hide your garbage and recycling cans, ironing boards, and more. You can even plan ahead and install “appliance garages” to hide those coffee pots, blenders and toasters that always clutter up the countertops when they’re not in use.



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