Kitchen Design Tips: How to Do More with Less

Are you looking for kitchen design tips to help save you time and money? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Kitchen design options abound, so before you dive into the particulars of layout, material selection, and other options, it’s smart to have an overview of the terrain ahead.

Sometimes less is more when remodeling a kitchen. For example, if you’re tempted to knock down walls and redirect plumbing and electrical lines to help open up your smaller kitchen space, you will pay a premium for it. There may be other, more creative solutions that will give you more bang for your buck.

Here are a few key kitchen design tips to keep you on budget – and on time for project completion.

Kitchen Design Tip #1: Know Your Top Budget from the Start.

First thing to ask yourself when approaching your kitchen remodel, “How much budget do I have to achieve the style and functionality that my family wants from a kitchen remodel?” There is a number there. Find it and stick to it. Don’t inflate the number. If anything, you should allow about 20% for unforeseen costs.

Kitchen Design Tip #2: Determine What Your Kitchen Will Accomplish

Next question to ask yourself after determining your budget: “What kind of lifestyle and functionality upgrades will my new kitchen provide?” Then make a list of exactly what you want to accomplish. It could be as simple as:

  • Get rid of ugly yellow countertops
  • Update to modern cabinetry
  • Open up kitchen to adjoining dining room
  • Add barstool seating for entertaining

Kitchen Design Tip #3: Work with an Expert Kitchen Designer

Now you have two of the major obstacles squared away. You know exactly how much you can spend, and exactly what your family wants to accomplish. Now is the time to formulate your plan with an expert’s consultation.

We cannot stress enough the value of having an expert kitchen designer or design consultant at this stage in the planning process. Designers are ‘creative problem solvers’ and their goal is to ensure that your vision for your new kitchen is brought to life on time – and on budget. They bring their years of experience to your service and benefit, and often there is no cost for consultations.

Additionally, these experts may have already encountered and resolved many of the same kitchen design conundrums that your family is experiencing. They will most certainly have cost-saving ideas, discounts from brand manufacturers, and a host of ways to cut costs and prevent project timeline snafus.

Kitchen Design Tip #4: Make Concessions, Make Upgrades

Okay. You’ve squared away your budget, decided what you want your kitchen to accomplish, and consulted an expert to help you make a viable game plan.

Now, you will change that game plan.

Once… Twice… Maybe a dozen times! That’s okay. You have now landed squarely within the “brainstorming phase” of the kitchen design process.

This is where your family discusses all the options available and weighs them against your project budget to determine the perfect “middle way” design. As a result of this process, you will likely make concessions: “We don’t really need to take down that wall if we rethink the layout and bring the cabinetry to the ceiling.” You will also add on unexpected upgrades: “Let’s splurge on those striking black custom cabinets with the soft closing drawers.”

Expect to waffle back and forth a few times while weighing the costs and benefits of these concessions and/or upgrades. This is a natural part of the planning process and will lead to the perfectly considered outcome.

Kitchen Design Tip #5: Finalize Your Plan and Stick to It

After hammering out the final details and making a commitment to the scope of your kitchen remodel, as well as choosing material options and finishes, you are ready to begin!

At this stage it’s absolutely critical that you stick to your plan and budget – or risk spending significantly more than planned.

Remember, you’ve already done the legwork of reviewing options and discussing them with your family. This was so that once the project goes into production, it can stay that way, uninterrupted, until your dream kitchen is ready to enjoy!

Let’s Start Planning Your Dream Kitchen Remodel Today!

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