4 Ways to Create the Perfect Deck Retreat

Want to create a peaceful deck retreat? It’s fun and easy to transform your deck into a lounge that your family and friends will enjoy all season long! If you’re thinking of building a brand new deck, or rethinking your existing deck, GNH Lumber is ready to help you make your dream deck a reality! There’s a wealth of great decking producers out there – and with them you can create a deck that’s beautiful AND durable.

TimberTech® composite decking is an excellent choice for low-maintenance durability and style.  That’s because TimberTech® decks are durable enough for your family to enjoy for years, without the hassles of annual staining and sealing. They give their traditional capped wood composite decking the strength it needs to battle almost anything Mother Nature—or your family—throws its way. But they don’t sacrifice beauty for backbone.

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Want to create a deck that will help you relax and regenerate? Well, get ready to light up the grill, kick back, and enjoy…

Here are 4 easy ways to create the perfect deck retreat:

1. Create a Corner Nook

If your deck has a corner, try assembling benches with throw pillows inside the cozy nook, or add comfy lounge chairs or even bean bags. These spaces are the perfect for comfort and will have your family and guests relaxing and chatting the day away!

No corners available? No problem! You can also screen off larger portions of deck with room-dividers or trellises covered with fabric to create custom corner nooks. The bonus of creating these custom nooks is that you can choose fabrics, plants or flowers that accentuate your deck color scheme.

Deck Retreat


2. Wrap Around Views

Decks that wrap around the second story of a home give tremendous access to views, and they create a feeling of spaciousness and peace. They’re the perfect place for late-night conversations or just secluded getaways to sit and think.

Decks like these can double as balconies for morning coffee. Plus, they provide as much aesthetic value from inside the home as they do from the outside. Never forget that a well-maintained deck is great for the valuation of your entire home as well!

Quick Tip: If your property has a great view of the mountains or your gardens, why not feature the view from a top story when planning the layout of your deck?


3. Keep the Sun at Bay

Shade for Deck Retreat

Adding a roof, pergola or awning to your deck, is another great way to create a cozy retreat. These kinds of structures or additions allow for lounging during parts of the day when sunlight is at its strongest. Creating cool, shady places to sit and sip a beverage or rock in a hammock is a great way to maximize deck usage. You can also use the covered patio below a second-story deck to introduce swinging hammocks and shaded benches.

Quick Tip: A roof provides the densest shade, while a pergola allows partial sun and a more open feel. Awnings provide partial shade, with the added benefit of being retractable or removable. They also come in materials that screen out the most harmful sunrays. The right awning can also enhance the overall look of your deck – there’s plenty of room for customization!


4. Use Soft Built-In Lighting

Dark evening deck? You can create a serene mood and add lighting at the same time! Try placing votive candles and string lights along the rail of your deck. Or, better yet, add LED lights to the decking itself! All of these options are easily installed, cost effective, and work wonders for adding a vibrant atmosphere to your deck – no matter how late it is!

Built-In Light for Deck RetreatsYou can enjoy your TimberTech® Deck long after deck after dark with the subtle glow of low-voltage, energy-efficient LED lights in five functional styles. Each style creates a different dreamy effect on evening decks:

  • Accent Lights: Adding a delicate downlight effect on posts or near stairs with accent lights creates ambience and improves visibility.
  • In-Deck Lights: Mount in-deck lights to your deck’s surface for an ambient glow. Place them around your deck’s perimeter for outer glow and added safety.
  • Post Cap Lights: lluminate the edge of your deck with the soft glow of post cap lights. Add them easily to any TimberTech® RadianceRail® or RadianceRail Express® 4″ and 5″ posts.
  • Riser Lights: Add safety and a soft glow to your stairs with riser lights, warming the path up to your outdoor living space.
  • Under-Rail Lights: Enjoy the subtle downlight of under-rail lights, hidden between balusters in the underside of your TimberTech® top rail.

Soft Lighting for Deck Retreat

Have fun creating a peaceful deck retreat that’s all your own! If you ever need assistance, or just need more inspiration to craft your dream deck – get in touch with us! Our talented team is ready to help you today.


Source: https://timbertech.com/products/lighting

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