Design Smarter with LP SmartSide Exterior Home Siding!

Experience High Performance Siding with Less Maintenance!

It’s always important to keep a close eye on your home’s exterior siding! If you’ve noticed any leaks, cracks, chips, or any other visible problems that have developed over the years – it may be time to replace or restore your siding! But not all siding is created equal, and some siding is more difficult to keep looking beautiful without extensive maintenance on your part. Thankfully, there is a siding option that is not only high-performance, but also requires only basic upkeep! LP SmartSide Siding is the perfect engineered wood siding to improve your home’s curb appeal while requiring little maintenance!

Let It Shine with Basic Cleaning Techniques

Taking care of your home, siding included, should be a year-long effort. Even taking the time to do an annual visual home inspection can pay dividends for you in the long-term. We recommend taking a yearly inventory of your home’s exterior and siding to check for any stains, mildew, or mold that may have cropped up over the last year. You can keep your home’s exterior and LP SmartSide Siding looking beautiful by performing some basic periodic care and maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your home free from mildew, dust, dew, and other environmental damages:

  • Dust and dirt can build up on your home’s exterior siding, no matter where you live. If you want to keep your home looking its best, we advise using a soft cloth, sponge, or light brush along with a mixture of mild soap and water to wash and clean the surface of your siding. You can then lightly rinse off with water from a garden hose – be sure not to pressure wash, as this can damage your siding and increase your risk of damaging or discoloring the paint on your home.
  • For mold, we recommend using a lighter solution of three-parts water to one-part white vinegar to safely remove any intrusive mold or mildew stains. This can help remove pesky discolorations without risking any damage to your paint or wood stains!

Simple Monthly Maintenance

In addition to basic maintenance to keep your home siding free from stains and mildew, you should also take note of any chips, wears, or tears within your siding. Thankfully, small imperfections like these are easily fixed – especially with LP SmartSide Siding! For any small chips or cracks in the paint finish your home’s exterior siding, you can simply touch them up with matching paint. We recommend that you don’t paint over existing paint or try to blend the paint out into existing paint – and that you allow at least 24 hours for the paint you use to dry. When checking your siding, it’s also key to check on your gutters and sprinklers. Make sure your gutters are draining properly and your sprinklers aren’t exposing your siding to water spray – issues with either of these can lead to irreparable damage to your exterior siding.

If you notice any damage to your siding’s caulking, it’s best to contact a professional contractor to help repair it. They’ll know how to replace caulking around LP SmartSide siding that has cracked, hardened or lost its seal.

Responsibly Made, Environmentally Committed

Choosing LP SmartSide Siding not only improves the curb appeal of your home, it’s also great for the environment! All LP SmartSide Siding products are made with renewable wood, grown and gathered under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards. These standards include responsible forestry practices that protect water quality, biodiversity and wildlife habitats. All wood used by companies participating in the SFI program must come from legal and responsible sources, whether the forests are SFI-certified or not. These standards ensure forest products remain a sustainable resource now and for generations to come.

By adhering to these standards, all LP SmartSide Siding products benefit your health by using:

  • Low-emitting binding agents and resin – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes, including siding. The binding agents and resins in LP SmartSide products release low levels of VOCs, which may decrease some people’s risk of health problems.
  • No added formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is a common chemical used to make building materials. It irritates the airways and is known to cause cancer. No urea-formaldehyde is added during the manufacture of LP SmartSide products.

Your home’s siding should do more than improve its looks – it should also protect it against the elements and keep your energy costs down! If you’re looking to replace or restore your home’s siding, be sure to reach out to the talented team at GNH Lumber. We can help you find the best siding for your home and ensure it’s installed successfully!