Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

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The Superior Replacement Option

Fall is here, and winter isn’t too far behind it! If you find yourself dealing with old or drafty windows, replacing them soon is a great idea. Now, new windows shouldn’t just look good and increase your home’s curb value. There are so many energy-efficient models available now, and they can help lower your energy bills. If you’re looking for a window that can do it all and stand up to the toughest weather – you should choose vinyl windows.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

When we talk about vinyl windows, we’re referring to “all-vinyl” windows. These are different than “vinyl-clad” windows, which use wood window frames with a thinner layer of vinyl on the exterior. Vinyl windows have window and sash frames made entirely from PVC, which is a very durable material. PVC can easily withstand even the harshest swings in weather. So, wherever you live, vinyl windows are the clear-cut choice!

Easy to Clean & Care For

Compared to other framing options like wood or aluminum, vinyl is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike wood windows, you never need to sand, scrape, or paint them to keep them looking beautiful. Vinyl also doesn’t rot, is impervious to water damage, and won’t attract wood-tunneling birds or bugs. And while aluminum windows can transfer heat or cold through the frame, that’s not the case with vinyl! All you ever need to do to get vinyl looking brand-new again is a little light scrubbing with warm, soapy water.

Nearly Endless Choices

No matter what style you’re looking to add to your home, you’re likely to find a vinyl window that matches it. Vinyl replacement windows are available in practically every style possible – from casement to awning! You can even find vinyl windows in more unusual shapes and styles, such as octagonal, round top, or transom. If you’re looking for a completely new window style, you can even order vinyl windows in custom sizes to fit your existing opening. Many manufacturers even offer special wood-grain finishes, so your frame resembles real wood.

Additional Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are a great way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But did you know that certain Energy Star rated windows are eligible for tax deductions? And aside from saving you money every year, they also make your home that much more appealing to buyers! That’s on top of the fact that replacement windows can add up to 97% of their cost to your home value.

Easy Installation

Vinyl windows can be installed as easily as any other type of window – but it pays to do it right the first time. No matter what your window is made from, if it’s not installed right, it won’t work as well. Thankfully, many window manufacturers offer helpful guides to cut down on the guesswork. If you’re stuck or don’t feel confident doing it yourself, we can help too! GNH Lumber is proud to offer installation advice and planning to help you get your windows in right and on time.

Feeling ready to get those windows replaced? Get in touch with us today – we can help you find the best replacement windows for your home!