5 Ways to Add Bathroom Storage Without Creating an Eyesore

Whether your bathroom is large or small, smart bathroom storage helps to keep things organized and reduce clutter. It can also enhance the style of your space.

Open shelving with stacks of towels evokes a contemporary, spa-like atmosphere. It also makes it more convenient for the whole family to reach for a towel or washcloth.

Here are 5 easy ways to add storage to your bathroom without creating an eyesore!

1. Wall Cabinet or Shelf

bathroom storageIf you have a small bathroom, you know that using every inch of space is essential.

An easy way to add an attractive bathroom storage unit is to install a wall shelf or a wall cabinet. The compartments of the fixture allow you to store things like towels, soaps, toiletries, or anything that won’t fit in your bathroom vanity!

Tip: Go for an open shelf or cabinet to give it a trendy look!


2. Storage Ladder

If you really want to keep up with the new home trends but also need something that’s functional, opt for a storage ladder!

These creative, freestanding storage units are great for small bathrooms with limited space. You can even build the ladder easily yourself and then paint it to match your bathroom. Fill the ladder with different types of containers, towels, or anything else you wish to store!

Tip: Match the style of your bathroom with wood ladders for a rustic feel or clean steel ladders for a more modern feel.


3. Crate Shelving

An inexpensive and creative way to add storage to a bathroom is to go with crates.

You can purchase crates and then paint them to match your bathroom. This style not only adds extra storage in your bathroom, but it adds a rustic touch, perfect for a country-style home.

Tip: Stacking crates is an easy way to add vertical storage!


4. Custom Shelving Unit

Custom-built shelves are probably one of the best ways to add bathroom storage to a smaller room. You can build these shelves to go from floor to ceiling and they don’t have to be too deep.

You can also customize shelves to any dimensions, so that the compartments are different sizes. Perfect for storing a variety of items without making the space feel cluttered!

Tip: Floating shelves are a clean, clutter-free way to clear up bathroom space and provide easy access to towels and other frequently used items!


5. Hidden Storage Unit

A hidden storage unit is perfect for a small bathroom. It hides clutter like hairspray, curling irons, toiletries, and other things you don’t necessarily want openly displayed in your bathroom.

Hidden storage units like vanity storage racks can be placed inside your bathroom vanity on the cabinet doors! It doesn’t take up much space and it holds a lot. Plus, it’s in easy reach when you need it!

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