Planning a Perfect Deck

Planning a Perfect Deck

Planning a Perfect Deck
With the weather warming up and the days growing longer, your outdoor spaces will soon be inhabited as much as the inside of your home. Now is the time to start planning a perfect deck that you will enjoy throughout the spring and summer – and also into autumn or even winter!

A deck can expand the square footage of your living space, and can be planned to match the look and feel of your home, while staying within any budget. It can also increase your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Get your deck or porch project started!

There’s a lot of planning and decision-making that goes into designing and building an outdoor deck. For starters, you’ll need to determine what size deck you’d like, establish a budget, select material, and determine whether you want to build it yourself or hire a professional.

Here are 5 tips to ease the process along:


1. Decide the Deck’s Purpose

Every spring and summer, we get to enjoy the warm weather throughout the region again! A deck may be the answer to extending the enjoyment you get from outdoor living. The first thing to do before you build your deck is to decide how you’d like to use the deck. Once you have a vision for its purpose and function, it’ll be easier to design. Here are a few ways your deck could function in your yard:

  • For entertaining
  • For outdoor dining
  • As a pool or spa surround
  • For outdoor privacy
  • As a place for container gardening close to the house


2. Location, Location, Location

Sometimes it’s apparent where a deck should go but other times, there may be more than one possible location. If that’s the case, how you want your deck to function will determine which spot will be ideal for its location. In addition, think about these considerations when determining a deck’s location:

  • Scaling the deck to the size of your property
  • Tracking microclimates that will affect your deck’s level of comfort
  • Placing the deck in sun and shade for comfort
  • Determining wind patterns that can affect usage
  • Maximizing scenic views
  • Creating privacy from neighbors
  • Having easy access from deck to house

3. Know the Building Codes

Before you assemble your supplies, call town hall or local officials to find out the building codes and legal procedures you need to follow for building a deck. You may need your design approved by your town. City and state laws and permit restrictions vary for residential structure additions or remodeling projects, so do your homework before you start your project. Professional deck designers and builders know the local codes and regulations and will typically take care of the logistics for you.

4. Turn Up the Lights

Lighting gives a deck a certain festive and relaxing ambience while providing more safety for your guests when the sun goes down. The amount of lighting and the types of fixtures (for example, wired or solar) will affect the design and budget of your deck. Here are types of deck lights and locations to consider:

  1. Recessed step lights
  2. Path lights
  3. Overhead lights
  4. Wall or post-mounted lights
  5. Landscape spotlights
  6. Outdoor kitchen lighting

5. Form & Functionality

You might decide to add more functionality into your deck. Certain built-ins give a deck a rich and customized look, as well. Storage on a deck might be designed as benches with hinged tops that lift, shelving, or deck boxes. Here are some items that can be stored safely out of the way on your new deck:

  • Garden tools and supplies
  • Children’s outdoor toys
  • Outdoor patio cushions
  • Outdoor furniture and accessories


Deck Repair & Cleaning

How to Clean & Repair Your Deck


Deck Repair

Did you know that with regular maintenance, a deck will easily last for twice as long as one that isn’t maintained? It’s true, and what’s more, most decks can be rejuvenated for a lot less than the cost of replacement.

Here are some techniques you can use to give an old deck a new lease on life, or to help maintain the look of a new one!

1) Make Thorough Repairs

Begin by inspecting the entire deck. Pay special attention to any part of the deck that is in direct contact with the ground, such as the posts, stair stringers or joists that are at ground level. We recommend using a screwdriver to check for structural damage.

Tip: If you can sink the tip of a screwdriver into a post or joist, it means the you’ve got rot and it’s time to consider renovation.

Also, inspect the connection of your deck to your house. Screws and bolts can loosen and rust, and without the proper use of spacers and flashing, moisture can cause your band joist to rot.

Be sure to tighten the fasteners that attach the deck to the house, while looking for any missing, bent or rusted flashing. Then, carefully inspect inside and out for any telltale black stains that suggest moisture is working its way into your home.

Next, look for any cosmetic damage. For example, tap down any popped nails or consider replacing them with screws. We advise using galvanized ring-shanked nails to repair damaged boards and ensure longevity.

Tip: If you need to rip replacement decking to match existing boards, use a tablesaw. Ease the sawn edge using a router fitted with a ⅜-inch roundover bit.

Finish by carefully inspecting your railings and decking for loose wood. This avoids the possibility of splinters or further cosmetic damage to your deck.

2) Clean the Surface

Deck Repair & Cleaning

Assuming your deck has been maintained regularly, it can be revived with a simple deck cleaner. Some products are mixed in a bucket and applied to the deck directly. Others come in containers with applicators that you hook up to a garden hose. Once on the deck, most still require a stiff-bristle brush and a lot of elbow grease to work the mixture into the wood.

Here’s a deck cleaner you can make yourself and that’s great for mildew and dirt:

  • 1 qt. sodium hypochlorite solution (household bleach)
  • ⅓ cup powdered laundry detergent
  • 3 qts. warm water
  • In a 5-gal. plastic bucket, add the bleach and detergent to the water, then brush the cleaner onto the deck. Rinse thoroughly before applying a finish.

For tackling tougher stains, use a pressure washer. which is the best way to remove sun-damaged wood fibers and tackle scrub-resistant stains. Graf recommends using a fan-type nozzle instead of a pinpoint nozzle that can dig into the wood.

Finish by going over your deck with a stiff-bristle brush to work the cleaner into the wood fibers, and then rinse. The boards should be kept damp in order for the cleaning solution to work effectively. Allow the deck to dry thoroughly before you begin staining.

3) Staining and Preserving Your Deck

Deck Staining

Once all of your repairs have been made and the deck is sparkling clean, it’s time to apply a protective finish. Clear finishes and transparent stains are fine for new wood, but for older decks, we recommend using a semitransparent stain.

Start by spraying on a light coat of stain and using a brush to remove puddles or splotches. Start at an inside corner and work out, applying the stain parallel to the deck boards.

Tip: To avoid staining nearby brick, use a small piece of cardboard as a spray shield.

Subsequent coats should be applied while the first coat is still wet or they will not be absorbed into the wood. Stain won’t peel, but it can wear away, especially in high-traffic areas. It’s best to apply a fresh coat every other year. A clear water repellent can also be applied between stainings for extra protection.

For more help getting your deck looking its best, get in touch with the GNH team!

Arborcoat Featured

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Deck Stain

Arborcoat Deck

Clear, translucent, semi-transparent, solid? With so many choices in opacity and color, it means choosing the right deck stain can be tricky! Regular maintenance is key for improving the life of your wood deck, and it helps to have a reference guide when choosing stain for your deck care project. GNH Lumber recommends Arborcoat Exterior Stains by Benjamin Moore for durability and style.

Get your staining project started!

Spring is the perfect season for your deck staining project! It’s still low humidity, and the sun shines longer each day. Choose a stretch of days without rain in the forecast and get it done!

Staining your deck is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of your home’s exterior, and a great way to protect and beautify your gathering space for years to come. But the options may seem endless. There are endless color and opacity combinations. Plus, there are better options available for each wood type.

Here are 5 simple tips for choosing the right deck stain for your wood deck:

Choosing the Right Deck Stain

1) Check the Opacity

According to, when it comes to the impact stain will have on your deck’s design, understanding opacity is key.

Opacity is the degree to which you can see the natural grain of wood, achieved by using one of the following:

  • Clear stain has no color added and shows the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Translucent stain doesn’t obscure grain and texture of wood and includes just the slightest tone.
  • Semi Transparent stain allows most of the grain and texture to show through, with slightly more prominent color.
  • Semi Solid stain, with its deeper shades, covers most imperfections while allowing some of the grain and texture of the wood to show through.
  • Solid stain offers the greatest color depth of all, covering the majority of imperfections while allowing the texture of the wood to peek through lightly.


2) Considering Color: Choices Abound

Arborcoat Pool DeckWhen thinking about color for your deck, consider the same shade as your home’s trim. This technique will make it stand out against the main field of your house for a unified look that still highlights your deck’s architecture.

For a more monochromatic look, use a similar shade as your house’s primary color. This is a great choice if you want features like your fire pit or dining area to be your deck’s focal point.

There’s a huge spectrum of color to explore in Arborcoat Exterior Stains, from driftwood grays to warm russets to woodland greens.


3) Wood Type Matters

Wood remains the most common choice for decks. More expensive hardwoods such as mahogany or ipe offer gorgeous grain and texture that shine through when using a more transparent stain like Arborcoat Transluscent or Semi Transparent. Softer, less expensive woods, including pressure treated southern yellow pine or cedar, benefit from Semi Solid and Solid stains’ innate weather barrier.

Choosing the Right Deck Stain for Your Wood Type

Wood alternatives known as “composite decking” are also a popular choice. While often sold as maintenance-free, composite decks demand protection from color fading as well as from the elements–just like their wood counterparts; Arborcoat Solid Deck & Siding Stain provides excellent color retention for these popular decking choices.

4) Narrow the Scope

Not ready to go big? Repainting or staining wood outdoor chairs and tables is less of an intensive project than redoing your entire deck. Almost any bright color pops off neutrals and wood tones in an eye-catching way and revitalizes decking with ease.

Another option is to stain your deck’s handrails and bannisters only. Pull from your interior color palette to visually–yet subtly–unite indoors and out. Or consider using a combination of stains to designate where one section of your deck begins and another section ends.

5) Audition Your Stains

Choosing the Right Deck Stain - Test StainsIt’s easy to “try on” stains on the actual wood you want to coat: In fact, there’s no better way to see true color accuracy.

Ready to turn inspiration into reality? We’re here to take you every step of the way, from prep to finish. Watch this handy how-to video to see how it’s done, then download the PDF for the step-by-step method.

Pint-sized samples are available in all ARBORCOAT opacities as well as Solid Stains, which are available in all 3,500+ Benjamin Moore colors.


Now you’re ready to pick just the right stain for your springtime deck staining project! Remember, if you need tips or guidance at any step along the way, contact the experts at GNH Lumber.



4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

Amazingly Simple Home Deck Design Ideas!

4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

Crafting the perfect deck for your home is about more than what materials you use. A backyard escape should also tell a story through design — and invite you to become lost in the narrative. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few fresh home deck design ideas. Get inspired and learn how to transform your outdoor living space from ordinary to oasis.

Looking for deck design ideas and inspiration? Here are some of our favorite styles from TimberTech to help spark your imagination:


1) Herringbone Deck Patterns


The herringbone deck pattern is an elaborate, fun design that brings a dynamic look to your deck surface. Created by repeatedly laying two deck boards at a 45-degree angle, a herringbone arrangement can be designed with different deck board widths or colors to create an inspiring deck pattern. Due to the intricacy of the design, herringbone pairs best with larger decks that have the space for the pattern to repeat.


2) Picture-Frame Borders & Contrasting Hues


A picture frame border refers to boards laid around your deck perimeter perpendicular to the inlay boards. Choose one, two, or three boards for your picture frame to give your deck as subtle or as bold of a border as you desire.

For a truly striking and eye-popping perimeter, use boards of a contrasting color to your deck surface for one or more of your border boards!

Love a dynamic, high-contrast look? You can also combine white elements in your deck design with richly-hued modern composite decking for a dramatic effect. Choose white PVC trim for your fascia and stair risers to create a crisp, clean border against the saturated decking. A white composite railing with black balusters adds further contrast to the design.


3) Contrasting with Curves


When deciding on outdoor furniture, it’s important to choose pieces that complement your deck design. A curved, modular couch echoes the rounded cascading stairs while a dark frame and light cushions contribute even more contrast to an already dramatic design.


4) Wide Railing for Cocktails

Deck Designs - Wide Railings

Your deck railing is more than tasteful decoration and added safety to your deck. One of TimberTech’s more fun products is the Drink Rail – part of the Classic Composite Series.  The Drink Rail features a deck board as the top rail to tie your deck and railing together seamlessly. Plus, it’s the perfect place to rest your morning coffee or late-night cocktail. It’s perfect for anyone looking for sharp designs that complement their deck AND home!

And don’t forget! The expert staff at GNH Lumber is ready to help you find the right home deck ideas and work through the process! At the end of the day, we want you to create the outdoor space of your dreams and stay within your budget. Place your order today for a beautiful outdoor living space tomorrow.



Tell Your Home’s Story with Cultured Stone

Add Metro Mojo with Cultured Stone Whether you’re moving into a new space or adding onto your current home, improving its aesthetics is key. It’s important to end up with a look and style you love, but it all has to tell your home’s unique story!

Simplistic spaces evoke calm feelings, but the opposite approach has its own benefits. One of the hottest trends in home design nowadays is “Maximalism”. From a design standpoint, it means more is more!

Mastering Maximalist design involves more than using quirky art or wild colors. But incorporating this style lets you get bold and creative as well! Your own design journey should be personal and evocative.

If you’re looking to add a touch of Maximalist metro mojo, using Cultured Stone is a great place to start! These cleverly crafted cultured stone veneers are a great way to give your home an impressive and stylish look.

Make Your Home Your Own

Cultured Stone Maximalism

When you start designing, the first thing to consider is what you want the finished product to look like. What inspires you? Are there important details that you wish to display? What tells the story of your life and your creativity in the most elaborate way possible? The beauty of Maximalism is that it allows your space to be as unique and expressive as you are.
This is your chance to add those interesting design ideas that you’ve dreamed about! You’ve always wanted a cheetah print couch and a funky cobalt blue accent wall? Do it! This style works at its best when you combine traditional elements with funky pops of color. The end result is a room that is the personification of “you”!

Creating Trendy Together Spaces

Trendy spaces

There’s something magical about the communal component of urban living – no matter where. It’s time for your fireplace surround to soar like a within a historic brownstone home. Your wall between the den and the kitchen can function as an indoor window. There are many little touches that can bring any space together in a modern and stylish way. Cultured Stone makes it simple to recreate any urban and trendy looks! Even better, these manufactured stone veneers can be colored to match whatever the tone of whatever room you’re adding onto.

Embrace Your Outdoor Space

Cultured Stone Veneers Outdoors


Whether your home has a rooftop escape or not, you should make the most of your outdoor space too. In addition, you can do it with any sort of space – even if it’s shared with neighbors!

You can spruce up your outdoor space with floral arrangements, in pots if needed. We also recommend adding murals or other artwork that reminds you of city parks. You can even add strand lights to help enhance that hip metro feel. If your backyard isn’t shared and you have extra space, you have an even better option. Try building a secret garden to give you a “private” feeling to remind you of other secluded gardens. Personal walkways or garden walls with Cultured Stone are the perfect final touch!

Don’t forget to make sure your outdoor space is fit for entertaining guests! A backyard getaway or rooftop escape is the perfect place to gather after sundown. Make it great for an evening under the stars by creating a conversation space. Be sure to equip it with lovely seating options around a Cultured Stone firepit or firebowl. With all the sizes and styles available, you can craft your own magical space to make lifelong memories!

Wherever you call home, whether it’s urban, suburban, or something more – it should match the needs of you and your family. By adding onto your home with Cultured Stone, you can create a warm and personalized space for anyone. Contact our talented team today to learn how we can help improve your home!


Source: Cultured Stone

Replacement Windows

5 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Keep Your Windows Up to Date

Replacement Windows

Your windows should help keep your home feeling comfortable and looking its best. As time goes on, your windows’ performance gradually begins to fade. Weather stripping is damaged, the seals begin to fail, and the various parts of your windows get brittle and break. So, how exactly do you know when it’s time to finally replace your windows? While some of the signs are obvious, others are harder to catch before it’s too late. Thankfully, there are 5 telltale signs that let you know that it’s time to invest in replacement windows for your home. 

The Pets Always Know 

We’ll start with one of the most obvious signs you need new windows: How comfortable the climate in your home is. If one or more rooms in your home are overly hot in the summer or frigid in the winter, it’s likely that your windows are one of the largest factors. Aside from yourself, pay attention to your pets as well! If even Fido needs a blanket every time the temperature drops outside, it’s time to start looking into replacement windows. New windows, especially versatile and resilient vinyl windows, are made of stronger materials than older windows, and can help keep your home feeling comfy and cozy – no matter the season. 

Appearances Aren’t Always Deceiving 

Minor aesthetic damages usually aren’t anything to be concerned about in terms of the state of your windows. However, significant physical damages usually point to failing windows. For example, if your windows constantly have foggy panes, that’s a sign that gas is escaping from between the panes and condensation has formed inside. Over time, that heat and water can loosen the seals on your windows. Similarly, chipping paint and an inability to hold a new coat of paint can mean water damage has set in. This water damage can also lead to moldy smells, another sure sign that your windows need replacing! 

Bills, Bills, Bills 

If your windows aren’t performing at their best, doesn’t it make sense that your energy bills would go up?  It’s true – leaking or inferior windows lead to your heat and air conditioning filtering outside, reducing their efficacy inside and wasting your energy. Even if you can afford the extra money, heating and cooling the outdoors is wasteful and consumes more natural resources than is necessary. If you’re not sure what your fuel and electricity bills should be, ask your neighbors what they pay. If their house is built like yours and their family is a similar size, their bills should be roughly the same. 

Open Sesame 

Even though it may seem obvious, if your windows are either too hard or too easy to get open/through, they’re probably at the end of their shelf life. And replacement windows aren’t just there for quality-of-life improvements, they can keep you safer as well. Windows that are too hard to open are a safety hazard, especially in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. On the other hand, windows with weak seals, gaps in the caulking, holes, etc. allow bugs and other pests easier entry into your home – it’s one of the many reasons why new windows are so helpful! 

Tune Out the Noise 

There’s a lot more people in the world now, and a lot more noise to be heard, especially in crowded neighborhoods. Another sign of failing windows is more of that noise creeping into your home. Windows that are improperly sealed or are older can let in much more outside noise, and that means more difficulty sleeping or holding a conversation indoors. Thankfully, modern windows can be fitted with three panes of glass and special laminations – so you don’t have to shout to be heard anymore. 

Even if you’re just looking to upgrade your windows and give your home a new look, we encourage you to get out and do it! Let us help you find the best choice so you can increase your home’s curb value and save on your energy bills. 

Preparation is Everything!

Beautify Your Deck with Duckback Deck Stain

Dream Decks Start Here!

Preparation is Everything!

Whether you’re building your deck from scratch or improving your current deck, the right deck stain is essential to produce a beautifully finished product. Thankfully, with the right tools and some Duckback® Deck Stain, you can achieve professional results – even if you’re a DIYer! Available in a wide range of colors, shades, and finishes, this deck stain can get you one step closer to your dream deck. But proper preparation and staining technique are also key. Let us show you the tricks of the trade to crafting a perfectly stained deck, so you can get out and get staining!

Gather Your Gear

Before you can begin the staining process, you’re going to want to have all the right tools and gear on hand! After all, you want to protect your investment in your dream deck and ensure that any future maintenance is simple to do. It’s also important to consider the quality of the tools you use – high quality tools mean professional-level results. You don’t have to worry about going outside your budget either, if you shop around, you can always find the right tools at the right price. We recommend gathering this equipment together before you start prepping your deck for staining:

  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Broom
  • Garden hose
  • Drop cloth
  • Sanding sponge
  • Stiff synthetic-bristle brush (make sure it’s specific to oil, water-based formulations)
  • Pump sprayer (optional)
  • Roller covers
  • Extension pole
  • 4″ brushes (make sure they’re specific to oil, water-based formulations)

Choose Your Color

Now that you have the basics assembled, you should decide on which stain you’ll use on your deck. Duckback® has a wide range of deck stains available in 5 distinct opacities. What stain you choose all depends on the style and finish you want the completed deck to have. You have your choice between:

  • Transparent – Adds warmth and glow and shows 100% grain clarity. Superdeck Transparent Stain is one such product, featuring a three-oil formula that uses the highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long-lasting colors and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun.
  • Semi-transparent – Adds rich pigmented color with moderate hide. Superdeck Semi-Transparent Oil Based Stain uses a unique formula that contains Carnauba wax for an extremely durable finish and a beautiful lustrous sheen with mar and scuff resistance.
  • Semi-solid – Beautiful color hides wood grain while allowing texture to show through. Superdeck Semi-Solid Stains with Cool Feel Technology delivers a coating that helps reduce surface temperature, making it cooler to walk on.
  • Solid – Maximum durability and hide. Superdeck Solid Stains are an acrylic latex solid color coating that are fortified with a super-bonding alkyd resin that provides priming and penetration, plus outstanding adhesion to chalky surfaces.
  • Super-solid – Offers lasting protection. Superdeck Deck and Dock Elastomeric Coating is a high-build elastomeric coating designed to protect, resurface and waterproof old, damaged wood.

Preparation is Everything!

Once you’ve got absolutely everything you need together, it’s time to prep that deck! Preparation really is everything when it comes to staining, as inadequate preparation is the most common reason for deck stain failure. Begin by thoroughly examining your deck to see if it’s clean – if there’s any dust, dirt, wood fibers or grease on your deck, you’ll need to take care of it prior to staining. Unclean deck surfaces lead to uneven coating and make it more likely that your stain won’t set properly. To ensure your deck is as clean as possible, we recommend that you:

  1. Thoroughly sweep the deck to remove debris.
  2. Liberally apply cleaner using a roller or pump sprayer (you should wear protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes).
  3. Allow the cleaner to set for 15 minutes. Mist your work area with a garden hose to keep it wet while the cleaner soaks into the wood.
  4. After 15 minutes, work the cleaner into the surface using a stiff synthetic-bristle brush. Scrub to remove residue thoroughly.
  5. Use a garden hose to completely rinse the cleaner from the wood.

Once your deck surface is completely clean and dry, then you’re ready to stain.

Easy as Pie to Apply!

Now comes the fun part – applying the stain and enjoying the lovely results! One of the best things about Duckback® is how worry-free the application process is, you’ll be done after following these simple steps:

  1. Before applying stain, sprinkle some water on the deck. If the droplets sink in, the wood is ready-to-be stained.
  2. Working with the wood grain, apply an even coat of stain using a 4-inch brush. You may also use a roller to first apply the stain, and then work into the wood with your brush.
  3. For best results, avoid staining at midday or in direct sunlight.
  4. Depending on temperature and humidity, allow 24 – 48 hours of dry time before using your beautifully stained deck.

You’re now ready to spruce up your deck in style! Get in contact with the helpful team at GNH to find the answers to any of your decking questions!

Outdoor Siding with Ladder

Design Smarter with LP SmartSide Exterior Home Siding!

Experience High Performance Siding with Less Maintenance!

Outdoor Siding with LadderIt’s always important to keep a close eye on your home’s exterior siding! If you’ve noticed any leaks, cracks, chips, or any other visible problems that have developed over the years – it may be time to replace or restore your siding! But not all siding is created equal, and some siding is more difficult to keep looking beautiful without extensive maintenance on your part. Thankfully, there is a siding option that is not only high-performance, but also requires only basic upkeep! LP SmartSide Siding is the perfect engineered wood siding to improve your home’s curb appeal while requiring little maintenance!

Let It Shine with Basic Cleaning Techniques

Taking care of your home, siding included, should be a year-long effort. Even taking the time to do an annual visual home inspection can pay dividends for you in the long-term. We recommend taking a yearly inventory of your home’s exterior and siding to check for any stains, mildew, or mold that may have cropped up over the last year. You can keep your home’s exterior and LP SmartSide Siding looking beautiful by performing some basic periodic care and maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your home free from mildew, dust, dew, and other environmental damages:

  • Dust and dirt can build up on your home’s exterior siding, no matter where you live. If you want to keep your home looking its best, we advise using a soft cloth, sponge, or light brush along with a mixture of mild soap and water to wash and clean the surface of your siding. You can then lightly rinse off with water from a garden hose – be sure not to pressure wash, as this can damage your siding and increase your risk of damaging or discoloring the paint on your home.
  • For mold, we recommend using a lighter solution of three-parts water to one-part white vinegar to safely remove any intrusive mold or mildew stains. This can help remove pesky discolorations without risking any damage to your paint or wood stains!

Simple Monthly Maintenance

In addition to basic maintenance to keep your home siding free from stains and mildew, you should also take note of any chips, wears, or tears within your siding. Thankfully, small imperfections like these are easily fixed – especially with LP SmartSide Siding! For any small chips or cracks in the paint finish your home’s exterior siding, you can simply touch them up with matching paint. We recommend that you don’t paint over existing paint or try to blend the paint out into existing paint – and that you allow at least 24 hours for the paint you use to dry. When checking your siding, it’s also key to check on your gutters and sprinklers. Make sure your gutters are draining properly and your sprinklers aren’t exposing your siding to water spray – issues with either of these can lead to irreparable damage to your exterior siding.

If you notice any damage to your siding’s caulking, it’s best to contact a professional contractor to help repair it. They’ll know how to replace caulking around LP SmartSide siding that has cracked, hardened or lost its seal.

Responsibly Made, Environmentally Committed

Choosing LP SmartSide Siding not only improves the curb appeal of your home, it’s also great for the environment! All LP SmartSide Siding products are made with renewable wood, grown and gathered under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards. These standards include responsible forestry practices that protect water quality, biodiversity and wildlife habitats. All wood used by companies participating in the SFI program must come from legal and responsible sources, whether the forests are SFI-certified or not. These standards ensure forest products remain a sustainable resource now and for generations to come.

By adhering to these standards, all LP SmartSide Siding products benefit your health by using:

  • Low-emitting binding agents and resin – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes, including siding. The binding agents and resins in LP SmartSide products release low levels of VOCs, which may decrease some people’s risk of health problems.
  • No added formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is a common chemical used to make building materials. It irritates the airways and is known to cause cancer. No urea-formaldehyde is added during the manufacture of LP SmartSide products.

Your home’s siding should do more than improve its looks – it should also protect it against the elements and keep your energy costs down! If you’re looking to replace or restore your home’s siding, be sure to reach out to the talented team at GNH Lumber. We can help you find the best siding for your home and ensure it’s installed successfully!

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Marvin Patio Doors!

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Marvin Patio Doors!

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Marvin Patio Doors!

Marvin Patio Doors introduce more light and airflow into your home.

We all know how important sunshine (and good old Vitamin D) are towards maintaining good body and mental health. But did you know that aside from spending time outdoors, you can help bring that lovely sunshine and outdoor feel into your home as well? It’s true, and it can still help improve your overall health!

Humans are hardwired to be exposed to nature. What’s more, studies have shown that there’s a positive biological response that happens when we come into contact with nature, as well. You can bring the outdoors into your own home with Marvin Patio Doors – and this exposure to natural light can improve your health from head to toe!

Natural Light Improves Well-Being

Before we ever had lamps and lightbulbs, the sun was our primary source of light. As such, our biology revolves around the sleep/wake cycles we’ve established due to the natural rotations and guiding flow of the sun. This means that maintaining healthy levels of exposure to natural light is crucial to your overall health. Without proper sleep and access to natural light our immune systems can’t function at their best. Besides that, our energy is reduced, and we can find it harder to concentrate or remember things.  Now, we can try to get outdoors as much as possible, but the average person spends nearly 90% of their time indoors. With so many work-from-home arrangements, we need our lighting to work in our favor to keep ourselves feeling and thinking healthy! Thankfully, thanks to the many advances in window and door design, you can easily amplify your access to natural light in your home.

Enhancing Your Home with Natural Light

Your patio door can work with the rest of your design choices to create a sharp, healthy and workable light-filled home. Especially when you add a Marvin Patio Door to an existing or planned outdoor deck! Nowadays, most modern homes (and many recently remodeled homes as well) have more windows with narrower frames. This increases the capacity for light to pass through and offers better views, so a sliding patio door can add even more lovely, natural light.

Healthy home design revolves around ensuring our doors and windows and our exposure to natural light work hand-in-hand. We recommend choosing a Marvin brand patio door to not only increase your home’s comfort and functionality – but also improve its curb appeal! Marvin Patio Doors provide reduced sightlines, thanks to a large expanse of glass. That means your backyard views are always picturesque and stunning! This also enables you to achieve the optimal amount of sunlight in your home. So you can connect with the outdoors, restore your health, and feel free – even while indoors!

Add Natural Light with Marvin Patio Doors

Blend Looks for Indoor & Outdoor Chic

One of the best things about adding a Marvin Patio Door to your home is how customizable they are – so they can complement any existing or planned deck/outdoor space!

If you’re looking to create a sleek, modern patio for outdoor entertaining this summer – try the Marvin Ultimate Sliding Patio Door! Featuring enhanced security features, heights of up to 16 feet, durable and weathertight performance, and personalized aesthetics and framing, it’s a great “plug-and-play” option for your next home remodeling project! We recommend pairing it with TimberTech AZEK Weathered Teak Decking to keep your deck cool while ensuring a sharp, contemporary look.

Don’t forget about the rest of your outdoor space as well! Having the entrance/exit from your backyard match the entire space only adds to its entire flow and feel. Try combining the clean lines and added visibility of a Marvin Essential Sliding Patio Door with a stylish new TimberTech Paver pathway for added aesthetics! These products are not only incredibly customizable and easy to care for, but they can also improve the functionality of your home – inside and out!

It’s easier than you think to add to your home’s entire curb appeal with Marvin Patio Doors! They can improve the looks of your home – and can also protect it against the elements and keep your energy costs down! If you’re looking to improve your home inside and out, be sure to reach out to the talented team at GNH Lumber. We can help you find the best door and decking options for your home and ensure it’s installed successfully!

Simple Deck Design Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Simple Deck Design Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Simple Deck Design Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor SpaceBeautify Your Deck and Spruce Up Your Backyard!

Creating the perfect outdoor space is easier than you think! If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard and beef up your home’s curb appeal – your deck and its surrounding space is the best place to start. But there are a lot of different ways to bring your vision for your outdoor living space to life. That’s why we recommend you stick to a simple formula for remodeling your home’s backyard space. Simple deck design ideas work best – especially when combined with new doors and stone accents!

Fresh Decks Let You Live Your Best Life Outdoors!

When you’re designing (or redesigning) your deck, you should choose products that seamlessly blend simple designs and tech. The ideal decking product is durable, easy to install, and looks sharp no matter the deck’s style. Whether you’re completing the project yourself or hiring out a contractor, the material should work within your design! Products such as Timbertech AZEK decking provide the best variety of colors, wood grains, and widths to bring any design to life.

We recommend you start by deciding on color – after all, your deck’s hue should speak to you! From there, you can decide on specific color combinations, shades, and even special wood grain patterns. By changing your decking’s highlights or lowlights, you can create a wide range of coloring. From there, it’s time to decide on your boards’ width. You don’t have to feel pigeonholed into “standard” sized boards anymore, either! Nowadays, wider boards are very trendy – and narrower boards can give your deck a coastal vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match board sizes either, the right combos can give your deck a uniquely modern look!

Once you’ve designed your deck around these simple ideas, don’t forget the railing! The right rail makes the perfect pairing to a deftly-designed deck. Before you add railing, we recommend considering these factors first:

  • Consider the architectural style and color story of your existing home. Which decking and railing combos would best complement them?
  • If you’re planning for a deck with an adventurous design, have you found a contractor that has experience with complex builds? If you’re DIYing – do you feel comfortable doing it yourself?
  • When it comes to railing, are you looking to keep your views unobstructed with something minimal or make a bold style statement?
  • Which railing profile do you prefer: classic millwork, modern and minimalist, or a sleek drink rail?

After you’ve answered those questions, you’re ready to build that deck!


Perfect Views with Sliding Glass Doors

Adding sliding doors to your deck is great for accenting backyard and improving your outdoor panoramas!  Massive openings are possible with sliding doors. They open up your home and create a stronger connection to nature and the outdoors. Large openings are also perfect for high traffic areas like the passageway leading to a patio during a backyard get together. Even better – furniture and other household items can be placed near a sliding door.

If you’re looking for a sleek, sharp, and simple look – try Marvin’s black sliding door patio series! This modern, yet subdued tone works well with many different shades of exterior siding and decking. Or, if you’re looking for something more upbeat and contemporary, try their urban patio series. These sliding doors offer defined lines and urbane style for any home!


A Completed Cultured Stone Look

Once your deck and doors are taken care of, there’s one last simple design idea to tie your backyard space together! A stone pathway or even a stone firepit are the best “last touches” for your outdoor getaway. But don’t worry about feeling tied to natural stone, which can be costly and difficult to work with. Manufactured stone veneers, such as Cultured Stone, are the perfect alternative! These products mirror the look and feel of natural stone, with superior performance and versatility.

Once you’ve customized your space, the details add all the warmth and togetherness it needs. And nothing imbues your outdoor space with comfort quite like a fireplace. Signature fireplace surrounds or pit designs can tie your whole backyard together. Tastefully-designed pathways add simple elegance and make wandering your outdoor space a dream!


Though redesigning or remodeling your home’s backyard space can seem daunting – it really isn’t! By taking it one step at a time and having a defined plan with simple, versatile designs, you can get it done. If you need help getting your design started, or need to find the best supplies, contact our helpful team!