home maintenance resolutions for 2018

6 Home Maintenance Resolutions to Keep Next Year!

home maintenance resolutions for 2018 It’s the end of one year, and another is about to begin. Start the year off on the right foot by giving your home maintenance projects top priority! New Year’s resolve can quickly fade away… But if you make a list of monthly to-dos and tackle them one at a time, you won’t lose track of those all-important home maintenance resolutions.

There are a handful of simple home maintenance tasks that should be completed each year. They are simple to do, minimal cost, and can help you save big money on costlier repairs down the road.

So, if you’re getting cabin fever this winter, get outside and give your home some TLC!

Here are 5 home maintenance resolutions to keep this year:

1) Apply Fresh Paint

It’s always a good time for an interior painting project, so select some fabulous colors this winter and start improving your home!

Painting is an inexpensive way to improve your home’s value, aesthetic appeal. It can also help protect your walls from dirt and moisture, which may lead to bigger headaches later.

Go for broke and select a bold color to paint an accent wall in your living room. Or add dimension to your bedroom by painting the ceiling. You’re only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Get your painting project started!

2) Check Your Insulation

Attic or basement insulation protect your home’s heating system from strain and overuse by keeping heat inside during the winter, and out during the summer.

A quick and easy check-up on your home’s insulation can lower energy bills and prevent costlier repairs to your home’s furnace or heating system. Look for sagging or missing insulation, or signs of insect or rodent damage. Because of the dangers involved with laying new insulation (harmful chemicals and substances to breath), we recommend hiring an insulation replacement specialist to make these repairs.

home maintenance-resolutions 2018 floor protection

3) Protect Entryway Floors

Take it from FamilyHandyMan.com: all the elements of nature can wreak havoc on your entryway floors, including rain, snow, mud, and ice. Moisture and muck not only looks awful, it can destroy hardwood floors over time, leading to costly repairs.

So, how do you protect your floors from the mess? “Place mats both inside and outside the door, along with boot trays inside the entryway. And make sure your mudroom is ready with a place to dry wet jackets, hats, mittens and gloves.”


4) Get Ahead of Ice Dams

Ice dams form when the edges of a house’s roof is colder than the rest of the roof, causing ice to form around the eaves. Snow melts above, and the melted snow backs up behind a “dam” of ice, potentially causing leaks and permanent damage to the roof and home — if you’ve ever experienced an ice dam on your roof-line, you know what a nightmare it can be!

Here’s what Houzz.com recommends if you notice the beginnings of an ice dam:

  1. Carefully remove snow and ice if possible without damaging roof and gutters.
  2. If you have heat cables, turn them on. Heat cables cannot prevent or fully remove ice dams, but can melt enough of the ice to create a channel for water to flow out, preventing some damage.


5) Maintain Your Hot Water Tank

Yearly maintenance of your hot water tank can improve performance, meaning more hot water when you need it, and less waiting for hot water to replenish. It can also help prevent expensive repairs (or even replacement) later.

Flush your hot water tank to remove sediment to save on the cost of replacing the entire hot water tank down the road. You can also wrap an older hot water tank with an insulating blanket to help conserve energy (and save you money). And these blankets prevent hot water heaters from losing heat in cold rooms and closets.


 6) Keep Driveways and Walkways Clear of Snow & Ice

home maintenance-resolutions 2018 snow removalKeeping your driveway and walkways clear from snow and ice accumulation from each winter storm serves a dual-purpose. It prevents slips and falls, and allows for easy access by vehicles. But it also prevents excess moisture from seeping into the small cracks of your driveway or walkway and doing greater damage when it expands into ice. This moisture could potentially cause damage, resulting the need to repave your driveway or walkway prematurely.

Try removing the snow with easy-push shovels to save your back from strain (check out shovels, snow and ice removal tools available at GNH). Then add a sprinkle of salt or ice-melt to help the moisture evaporate when the sunshine returns.


As you go about the process of maintaining your home and property, don’t forget that our expert staff is happy answer your questions, offer guidance and provide time-saving tips! If you need winter gloves, snow shovels or window insulation, we have many items on SALE every month. CLICK HERE to view our web sales page, and check back often for new deals.


Sources: “27 Tasks for Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist”, FamilyHandyMan.com; Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist”, Houzz.com.

How to Choose Replacement Windows

How to Choose Replacement Windows

How to Choose Replacement Windows

The autumn season is the perfect time to swap out drafty old windows with new energy efficient ones. Investing in replacement windows now will equal savings on heating costs all winter long—and beyond. But how do you choose replacement windows in the first place?

One shortcut is to visit your local GNH Lumber to discuss your window replacement project with our seasoned experts.

Click here to get started now.

To help you choose just the right windows for your home and budget, we recommend considering some common cost-saving options and answering a few common questions beforehand:


Start by considering which windows you want to replace. Do you want to replace all of them, one floor at a time, or just individual units that will save energy and add convenience to a particular room in your home?


Prepare a preliminary budget. This will help you determine how many windows you can replace with the styles, features, and materials you want. Pay particular attention to the window’s thermal performance since this will factor into the cost. Windows that qualify for tax rebates may cost more initially but these costs are offset by rebates and greater energy savings over time!


What do you want your new windows to do? Are they architectural design features or will they provide specific functionality? Do you want the windows to open and close? How they should operate? Vinyl windows like Smarter Windows from GNH Lumber will provide lower maintenance, greater convenience, and higher energy performance than most wood windows.


Finally, discuss energy-efficient window options (like standard insulated glass and low-e glass) with the knowledgeable staff at GNH Lumber. Don’t forget to work the additional cost of these features into the context of estimated savings on your heating and cooling bills. Do the expected savings justify the extra cost? Vinyl window frames are less expensive and do provide more insulation qualities.

Sources: http://www.smarterwindows.com/Page/How_to_Buy_Replacement_Windows


Are you ready to explore your window replacement options? Visit a GNH location to discuss your new or replacement window project with an expert today! Or download our free window replacement guide.

How to Prepare Your Wood Deck for Stain

How to Prepare Your Wood Deck for Stain

With the condition of wood surfaces varying widely, some DIYers hesitate when it comes to prepping their wooden decks before staining. But properly preparing your deck surface has many benefits.

Learning to prepare your wood deck for stain beforehand usually results in a more beautiful stained surface. It also ensures maximized stain performance over time.

Learn how to prepare your wood deck for stain from Benjamin Moore to help you achieve a beautiful and professional finished result.   

1) CLEAN off Stains from Mold and Mildew

Ben Moore Clean

CLEAN is a maintenance cleaner that safely removes stains from mold and/or as well as water stains. Plus, it is multipurpose and effective on siding, shakes, outdoor furniture and more.

2) BRIGHTEN by Removing Tannin and Rust Stains

Ben Moore Brighten

BRIGHTEN is used to break the shiny, tough-to-penetrate “mill glaze” on new wood and ensure deck stain adhesion. It also removes tannin and rust stains. Are you staining a tannin-bearing wood? BRIGHTEN counteracts the darkening effect of RESTORE and REMOVE by neutralizing the pH of those formulas.

3) RESTORE Severely Weathered Wood

Ben Moore Restore

RESTORE is a gentle, bleach-free formula that quickly restores severely weathered and grayed wood decks to their natural color. And, it prepares the deck’s surface for re-coating by removing tannin bleeding, discolored surface fiber, and stains from mold and/or mildew.

4) REMOVE Latex and Oil Finishes

Ben Moore Remove

REMOVE is a fast-acting formula for peeling oil or latex stain, varnish, and clear wood finishes. It also removes damaged and discolored wood fibers to prepare the surface for re-coating.

REMOVE may darken some wood types. If desired, use BRIGHTEN to restore the deck wood to its natural color. Do not dilute REMOVE on surfaces with multiple coats, solid or semi-solid stains.


And there you have it! Restoring a wood deck is a satisfying job that reaps huge rewards. Questions about your wooden deck or siding prep or stain project? Visit GNHlumber.com today or stop by our Greenville or Windham locations to discuss your staining project!


Sources: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/project-ideas-inspiration/exteriors/decks-ideas-and-inspiration, https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/contractors/job-solutions/deck-stain

How to Replace Windows in Zones

How to Replace Windows in Zones

How to Replace Windows in Zones

Should you replace windows in zones?

Replacement windows can save you as much as 15% on your energy bills while reducing wear and tear on heating and cooling systems. Plus, updated windows will improve your quality of life by introducing more light and fresh air to your favorite room or home office.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of a full window replacement, don’t worry. You don’t have to replace every single window in your home to start enjoying beauty, function, and energy-savings. Instead, you can replace windows one zone at a time.

Explore replacement Marvin windows in a wide range of styles at GNH Lumber! Simply request a project quote today

Want to learn more about the benefits of new windows? Get the FREE guide!

Window Replacement by the Zone

Now is the perfect time to replace your home’s older or malfunctioning windows before the chill of autumn comes and begins stealing away precious heating dollars. But how do you know which windows need replacing? Some signs, such as condensation or cosmetic damage, might not need replacement at all and are actually perfectly normal. Others, like water stains and wood rot, need immediate replacement.

Knowing the signs that require prompt attention versus those that can be easily fixed can help you evaluate whether and how soon a replacement is needed. This will help you replace windows in “zones” for a more targeted, cost-effective approach.

Remember, you don’t have to replace every single window in your home in order to make a dramatic improvement in your home’s style, airflow, and energy savings!

Here’s our guide to evaluating your home’s overall window health and creating “zones” for targeted window replacement.

How to Replace Windows in Zones

Zone #1 – Immediate Attention Needed

Sometimes replacement windows are non-negotiable, especially when they greatly compromise your home’s energy-efficiency and/or security. Look for these signs that you’re in the “red” zone:

  • WATER DAMAGE – Water between glass panes, leaking, water stains or evidence of wood rot can be signs excess moisture is accumulating where you cannot see it, which means your windows are no longer effective. This can lead to mold, mildew, warping, or structural damage.
  • COMPROMISED SECURITY – As entry points into your home, you should address broken windows immediately.


Zone #2 – Time to Investigate

Sometimes replacement isn’t immediately necessary, although it would still help with ease of operation and climate control. Here are some warning signs for windows you should keep an eye on:

  • FAULTY OPERATION – Difficulty opening or closing, sticking sash and pesky operational issues can sometimes be solved with a thorough cleaning or small repair. However, these can also be signs that parts are nearing the end of their lifespan.
  • LESS CLIMATE CONTROL – New windows can get rid of drafts to make rooms more comfortable. But if the time isn’t right, replacement can wait!


Zone #3 – No Need to Replace

Some of your home’s windows may not need replacing at all! Don’t mistake these signs for critical damage. They are likely normal and can be corrected during routine maintenance:

  • CONDENSATION – Condensation is perfectly normal. It simply indicates the presence of humidity, which means your windows are doing their job and holding heat inside your home. There are many easy ways to remove condensation that don’t involve replacement. Read more at Marvin.com/condensation.
  • COSMETIC ISSUES – Issues like chipped paint, tarnished hardware, and dirty weather stripping can be addressed on your schedule with routine care and maintenance.

By dividing your home into zones using the evaluation methods above, you can make the right window replacements now while keeping less urgent updates on the back-burner for a later date.


Questions about your window replacement project? Need help evaluating your home’s overall window health? Visit a GNH showroom today or contact our experts with your window or door replacement questions!

Why Should I Stain My Wooden Deck?

Why Should I Stain My Wooden Deck?

Why Should I Stain My Wooden Deck?

Your outdoor space is a cherished place. A place for you to share meals and memories with family, neighbors, and forever friends. As such, it should exude warmth and beauty all year round. We recommend Duckback Stain for unsurpassed beauty and warmth through superior innovation, product quality and performance.

Superdeck Stain uses quality premium ingredients like tung and linseed oils, carnauba wax, and premium transparent iron oxide pigments that protect your deck and deliver a rich, warm glow. What about rain? Well, let’s just say that it sheds like water off of a duck’s back!

Here are 3 answers to the question, ‘Why should I stain my wooden deck or porch?’ from doityourself.com:

1) Make Your Wood Waterproof

Wood decks and porches are exposed to water throughout their lifetimes. Unlike paint that sits on the wood surface, Superdeck Stain penetrates deep within the wood itself. This protects the boards and repel moisture from the inside out.

2) Rot Protection

Once wood rots, it cannot be repaired, and it might create a dangerous deck or porch. According to doityourself.com, “Wood stain protects your wood from all kinds of rot. Staining your wood will keep out termites, mold, mildew, and many other pests that can cause rot.”

3) Blocking UV Rays

Repeated exposure to sunlight can damage wood and fade wood color. Superdeck Stain contains the highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long-lasting colors and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun. Their waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain is formulated for 3 years of durability. This unique formula penetrates deeply offering excellent UV protection and lasting defense against premature weathering and mildew.


Protect and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space!

Now’s the perfect time to protect your wooden deck or porch with a fresh coat of stain at GNH. Get started now.

Sources: https://www.superdeck.com/about/; https://www.doityourself.com/stry/why-stain-wood-4-reasons-to-use-exterior-wood-stain

4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

An incredible outdoor living space is about more than just the right decking materials. A backyard escape should also tell a story through design — and invite you to become lost in the narrative. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few fresh deck design ideas. Get inspired and learn how to transform your outdoor living space from ordinary to oasis.

Looking for deck design inspiration? Here are some of our favorite ideas from TimberTech to help spark your imagination:


1) Tri-Color Decking

 4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces - Tri-Color Decking

What Defines This Look? You guessed it: three different deck board colors. More meaningfully, tri-color decking uses light, medium, and darker-hued boards for a seriously creative outdoor living. This look is inspired by post-1920s modernism yet feels wholly of-the-moment in 2020. It often echoes the natural, earthy hues of the surrounding landscape.


2) Part of the Landscape


Want to create an outdoor living space that blends seamlessly with the surrounding scenery? First, make sure your deck is installed facing your best views or water features. Next, choose earthy colors like browns, beiges and stone grays for your deck boards.  Finish off the effect with planters and cozy seating to evoke a garden-like atmosphere.


3) Multi-Width Decking

Deck Designs - Multi-Width Decking

Wide-width deck boards offer a number of benefits, including fewer fasteners needed to complete the project — which can mean less time, labor, and overall cost. Plus, wide-width deck boards create an expansive feel throughout your deck, drawing the eye outward and capturing the feel of a sprawling outdoor escape.


4) Wide Railing for Cocktails

Deck Designs - Wide Railings

Part of the Classic Composite Series, Drink Rail features a deck board as the top rail to tie your deck and railing together seamlessly. Plus, it’s the perfect place to rest your morning coffee or late-night cocktail. The Drink Rail is designed for the homeowner who wants an impactful railing design that complements the deck as well as the home’s exterior.

And don’t forget! The helpful staff at GNH Lumber is ready to help you create the perfect outdoor space to match your dreams and stay within your budget! Place your order today for a beautiful outdoor living space tomorrow.


Sources: https://www.timbertech.com/imagine/stories/deck-design-options; https://www.timbertech.com/imagine/stories/deck-design-ideas

Using Pet Safe Ice Melt After Shoveling will Protect Those Paws from the Burn

Using Pet Safe Ice Melt After Shoveling will Protect Those Paws from the Burn

Using Pet Safe Ice Melt After Shoveling will Protect Those Paws from the Burn

Wintertime is here – and it’s already off to a big start! As you plan for a season of snow removal, you might want to think about using pet safe ice melt after shoveling. By choosing ice melt that’s safer for your pets, your family, and the natural environment, you’re making a great choice all around.

We recommend Entry® pet safe ice melt, now available at GNH Lumber.

This chloride-free liquid ice melt is ready-to-use from the bottle. Plus, it quickly dissolves slippery sheets of ice from your driveways – without the use of chloride.

Browse pet products at GNH!

Why Chloride-Free Ice Melt?

Have you ever walked your dog on a chloride-salted sideway and seen them lift their paws or hop from side to side? Maybe they lick or bite at the pads of their feet later? That burn is caused by chloride, a substance that’s toxic when ingested. Even a small amount of chloride can hurt your pets’ tender paws in the wintertime. Not to mention, chloride also corrodes metals, kills plants and lawns, alters our ecosystem, infects our drinking water.

Yes, popular chloride melts will work to remove ice – but it’s a terrible price to pay. And all too often, de-icers claim they’re pet-safe or eco-friendly when they’re not because they still contain chloride — which is harmful even in small amounts.

You may be thinking, “Safer alternatives are expensive and mostly ineffective anyway, right?” Maybe that’s been true in the past, but it’s not the case anymore. When used as directed, Entry® is the long-awaited, affordable solution for pet owners, and a great choice compared to chloride ice melts.

Learn more about the year-round homeowner benefits to using non-chloride, pet safe ice melt.

Entry® is the first ice melt that works clean and works fast without causing bigger problems. It outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost, providing safety from slip and fall accidents while being safer for:

  • Your pets
  • Your family
  • Your drinking water
  • The environment
  • Concrete and metals
  • Plants and lawns

Plus, Entry® won’t track messy salt granules into your house, saving you time and money on cleanup! And what does track in, won’t harm your floors. The unique chloride-free neutral pH and liquid formula make it less corrosive and less abrasive than traditional granular ice melts, and therefore safer for indoor surfaces.

How does Entry® ice melt work?

Entry® is designed to be applied with a sprayer and vertical fan tip nozzle. You can use any type of sprayer or our easy-to-use sprayers designed to apply this product at the optimal rate and spray pattern. GNH offers a convenient all-in-one sprayer and ice melt residential bundle to get you started with everything you’ll need.

Once you’ve poured Entry® into your sprayer, follow package label instructions. The product is ready to use from the jug; do not dilute. For best results, clear as much ice and snow as possible before applying product. Don’t attempt to “pressure wash” ice or snow using added pressure or volume. It won’t impact results and only wastes product.

Using Entry Pet Safe Ice Melt - How To

When used as directed Entry will turn slippery into safe in less than 30 seconds!

The convenient homeowner package available at GNH comes with a 1/2 gallon of ice melt and a 1 gallon sprayer included (only $47.99 for the winter of 2019-2020):
Pet safe ice melt homeowner bundle

We also carry a variety of refill sizes starting at $19.29/half gallon:Pet Safe Ice Melt sizes

Questions? The knowledgeable staff at GNH Lumber will answer your questions about pet safe ice melt, or help you find the best snow removal solutions to match your needs and budget. Visit us in Greenville or Windham to get started today! Browse pet products at GNH!

Pet Safe Ice Melt is available at GNH

Sources: https://chloridefree.com/residential/; https://chloridefree.com/residential/#cost

Snow Removal Tips

Top 9 Snow Removal Tips for Your Home

Snow Removal Tips

One of the most frustrating parts of winter is the need to shovel snow. You might just want to wait until springtime and just let it all melt. However, the effort must be given.

If you’re tired of wasting time and effort on removing snow every winter, it’s time to use these 9 snow removal tips for your home to get the job done easier, more effectively, and better than ever before.

Top 9 Snow Removal Tips:


1. Use Tall Stakes Around Driveways and Walkways

In Upstate New York, we’re pretty used to the snowfall. So, when we suggest putting large stakes around your driveway and other walkways, you should use that advice. It’s helpful whether you hire a snowplow company, shovel yourself or use a snow blower. While you may think you’ll know exactly where your driveway is, it’s not as easy to locate with a couple of feet of snow.

2. Use a Good Shovel

Shoveling snow during the winter is annoying as it is. If you don’t have a quality shovel to work with, you’re just making it harder on yourself and your back. While it might be tempting to buy a cheap shovel when you’re making your decision, it’s wiser to not be a penny-pincher. Spend more money on a heavy plastic or aluminum blade shovel that will get the job done easier.

Also, be mindful that large shovels aren’t always the best. Large shovels can cause back pain and arm stiffness. If you’re looking to find a shovel for heavy snowfalls, you should buy a s-blade shovel. C-blade shovels are better for lighter snowfalls.

3. Avoid Placing Snow Near the Foundation

This is a mistake that a lot of homeowners simply don’t consider when they’re removing snow. Whether they’re removing snow from a roof, from a deck, or from the driveway, you should avoid piling snow next to the side of your house. This will only lead to issues such as frozen pipes and even potentially cause cracks in your home’s foundation.

4. Be Safe

Shoveling snow can be a grueling activity, especially as you get older. If you don’t plan to hire a snow removal service, then it’s best that you follow these safety tips.

  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs.
  • Keep the blade close to you as you lift the snow.
  • Switch between shoveling left-handed and right-handed to avoid overstraining one side of the body.
  • Periodically switch your grip between overhand and underhand.
  • When the snowfall is heavy, don’t try to clear the entire depth at once; only do half at one time.

5. Shovel Often

Whenever you’re removing snow, the reality is that it needs to be done frequently. The snow doesn’t seem to stop, but if you do you just make your job harder the next day. If you leave removing snow until the next day, the snow will start to stick to ground and might even freeze. This makes your job ten times harder.

6. Invest in a Snow Blower

If you’re just done with shoveling snow in the winter, invest in a snow blower. Snow blowers can take away a lot of the tedious parts of removing snow in the winter, but you’ll still need a shovel for your deck. While it’s a faster method of removing snow, it’s also a more expensive option as snow blowers can cost up to $500.

7. Shovel Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof that is easily accessible, you can shovel your roof, but it’s important that you don’t damage your roof covering. Also, you should always consider your own personal safety before attempting to shovel your roof.

8. Use Roof Rakes for Sloped Roofs

It may be possible to remove snow and ice from a sloped roof using a roof rake, which is a long-handled tool that is specifically designed for this reason.

9. Consider the Impact of Ice Melt

There are a bunch of different options you can use to eliminate a slippery driveway and even a walkway such as salt (sodium chloride), calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and urea. Learning about the potential consequences of using each form of ice melt is important because these items can end up damaging plants, damaging flooring in your house, or harm your pets.

Snow Shovel


Snow storms and colder temperatures always seem to be on the horizon, but being prepared and following the guidelines above will make snow removal easier so that you can protect and preserve your home.

Stock up on everything you need to battle the winter weather at at GNH Lumber! And be sure to check our WEB SALE  page often this season for savings on common winter items.

Make Your Deck Cozy for Fall

5 Ways to Make Your Deck a Cozy Gathering Place This Fall

Make Your Deck Cozy for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to gather out on the deck and enjoy the crisp cool air. That means it’s time to transition your summer deck from a “fun in the sun” hotspot to a warm and cozy autumn hangout!

And here’s the good news: it doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to change the feel of your deck, and effectively reinvent it for the coming fall season.

Get your deck or porch project started!

Here are 5 easy ways to make your deck a cozy gathering place this fall:

1. Create a Focal Point

One easy way to give your deck a cozier feel is to create a visual focal point. Focal points encourage people to gather, chat and gravitate together in the space. This can be created by using an outdoor rug or a sitting area with a coffee table and comfy chairs. You can also use a stylish Chimenea or an outdoor fireplace to create a warm, inviting focal point

2. Make Large Areas Smaller

Pulling furniture closer together naturally makes people feel cozier. If your furniture is strewn out across the deck, try rearranging it into several smaller seating areas. Also, bring grills, benches and potted plants into tighter circles to improve this effect. You can also screen off larger portions of deck with room-divider screens or trellises covered with fabric to create cozy nooks.

3. Spice Up Your Space

If you want people to gather on your deck, then give them something fun to do!  The addition of a spa or hot tub might just be the thing that beckons everyone outside. Try adding stylish outdoor lighting or strings of outdoor lights to further enhance that cozy glow in the evening.

Remove canopy umbrellas, sun-lounging chairs and other remnants of summer. Then try placing sturdy, woodsy furniture, like Adirondack chairs and picnic benches. Add some large, cozy pillows to encourage people to kick back and relax.

4. Add Some Greenery

Cozy Deck Greenery for Fall

Adding plants are a quick and easy (and budget-friendly!) way to update your outdoor areas each season. Vines crawling up a pergola softens the space while adding interest. You can also create a splash of color with potted plants and seasonal flowers like goldenrod and chrysanthemums. This not only adds color and interest, it also gives you the flexibility to replace them depending on the occasion or your color palette.

3. Use Warm Colors

Summer means bright-colored plastic and garish, colorful decor. Fall calls for a more subdued, warm palette. Earthy tones like maroons, oranges and rusts. You can easily change out your color scheme by changing out cushions, accessories and carpets. Consider adding painted wood-furniture with deep-red and orange throws for snuggling under!

When making your deck the superstar of your cozy autumn gatherings, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination! And don’t hesitate to stop by your local GNH Lumber for expert tips and guidance for your decking project.

Fall Deck Design TipsStop in to your local GNH Lumber for more tips and techniques for making your deck the gathering place of the season. We have outdoor furniture, lighting, Halloween decorations and other items to help you create a magical effect this fall!

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Newly Stained Deck

How to Choose the Right Deck Cleaning Product

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Newly Stained Deck

If your wooden deck is faded, grey or stained, a bit of washing with the proper deck cleaner and a fresh coat of stain will completely transform your outdoor space! Plus, it will protect your deck from the elements and help extend its life.

Get your deck or porch project started!

Choosing the right cleaning product beforehand will ensure that your newly stained deck will looks its best and last the longest. Set your deck up for success with this deck cleaning guide from Duckback:

Exterior Wood Stripper

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Wood Stripper

Use a deck stain stripper on all exterior wood that has been previously treated or stained. Superdeck® Exterior Wood Stripper is a ready-to-use solution that will remove paint, stains, and varnishes from exterior wood to help reveal only the wood’s original grain. Apply with a roller or brush, let sit for 30-35 minutes to penetrate the wood. Rinse with garden hose and repeat if necessary!


Exterior Wood Brightener

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Wood Brightener

After stripping the wood surface, applying Superdeck® Exterior Wood Brightener helps neutralize the wood and open wood pores so that stain can penetrate the surface. Formulated to remove the dark brown to black discoloration from wood that was caused by tannin stains, nail stains, and rust stains. Wood Brightener should be used after Superdeck® Wood Cleaner or Superdeck® Wood Stripper in order to bring back the natural color of the wood. Apply with pump up sprayer, let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with garden hose.


Exterior Wood Cleaner

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Wood Cleaner

Superdeck® Exterior Wood Cleaner is intended for older decks. Formulated to remove foreign matter from wood, including oxidized (failed) coatings, dirt, grease, oil, pollen, algae and surface stains caused by mildew. Apply with pump up sprayer, let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with garden hose. Use a scrub brush for tough stains and repeat process if necessary.

How to Prep Your Deck for Stain - Rinse Cleaner

Protect and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space!

Now’s a great time to give your deck a fresh coat of stain. Don’t forget: the experts at GNH Lumber are here to offer guidance, tips and product suggestions. Get your deck or porch project started!

Sources: https://www.superdeck.com/2016/10/10/choosing-right-cleaning-product/