Amazingly Simple Home Deck Design Ideas!

4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces!

Crafting the perfect deck for your home is about more than what materials you use. A backyard escape should also tell a story through design — and invite you to become lost in the narrative. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few fresh home deck design ideas. Get inspired and learn how to transform your outdoor living space from ordinary to oasis.

Looking for deck design ideas and inspiration? Here are some of our favorite styles from TimberTech to help spark your imagination:


1) Tri-Color Decking

 4 Deck Designs for Amazing Outdoor Spaces - Tri-Color Decking

What Defines This Look? You guessed it: three different deck board colors. Tri-color decking uses light, medium, and darker-hued boards in whatever combination you choose. This look is inspired by post-1920s modernism yet feels wholly of-the-moment today. It often echoes the natural, earthy hues of the surrounding landscape.


2) Part of the Landscape


Your deck can easily blend in with all the scenery surround your home! First, make sure your deck is installed facing your best views or water features. Next, choose earthy colors like browns, beiges and stone grays for your deck boards. Looking to make your deck as comfy as can be? Add planters and cozy seating to evoke a garden-like atmosphere.


3) Wide-Width Decking

Deck Designs - Multi-Width Decking

Wide-width deck boards offer many benefits compared to other decking options. For instance, you need fewer fasteners to complete a project using wide-width boards. This can mean less time, labor, and overall cost involved in your home deck ideas! Plus, wide-width deck boards create an expansive feel throughout your deck. They draw the eye outward, leading you and your guests to feel like you’re in a sprawling outdoor escape.


4) Wide Railing for Cocktails

Deck Designs - Wide Railings

Your deck railing is more than tasteful decoration and added safety to your deck. One of TimberTech’s more fun products is the Drink Rail – part of the Classic Composite Series.  The Drink Rail features a deck board as the top rail to tie your deck and railing together seamlessly. Plus, it’s the perfect place to rest your morning coffee or late-night cocktail. It’s perfect for anyone looking for sharp designs that complement their deck AND home!

And don’t forget! The expert staff at GNH Lumber is ready to help you find the right home deck ideas and work through the process! At the end of the day, we want you to create the outdoor space of your dreams and stay within your budget. Place your order today for a beautiful outdoor living space tomorrow.



An Outdoor Gathering Place

Is it time for a brand-new deck? Are you looking for new furniture, lighting, or decorations for your existing deck? We’re ready to help you create the perfect cozy outdoor dining space to match your dreams and stay within your budget! Stop in to your local GNH Lumber for tips and techniques for making your deck the gathering place of the season.

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