Transform Any Room with A Painted Ceiling

painted ceiling

Flip through any home décor magazine and you’ll notice that the ceilings are almost always painted – and, more often than not, in bright, bold colors.

Designers never omit the ceiling when designing the color scheme of a space.  After all, the ceiling is the largest area of uninterrupted surface in a room. Therefore, the color you choose for a ceiling will dramatically impact the room’s overall effect. Think back and remember which rooms drew your eyes in the most and made a lasting impression – they likely had elegant painted ceilings!

Not sure what color to choose? Here are some tips on how to transform your room with a painted ceiling:

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  • Deeper Shade

    A grand room with high ceilings can feel impersonal and unbalanced after you’ve added furniture, rugs, drapes and wall art. Why? Because all of these embellishments occupy the bottom half of the room. Meanwhile, the top half is left bare and boring. In a room such as this, try painting your ceiling a deeper shade of the wall color. This will pull the eye upward, and harmonize the room from top to bottom. Deeper shades can also add an element of dignity and luxury to your room as well! You can make any space into a relaxed and refined area to gather with friends and family to unwind at the end of the day.

  • Accent Color

    ceiling-paint1.jpgMany designers love the idea of an accent wall. Well, why not make the accent wall your ceiling? An unexpected pop of color on the ceiling in a room with neutral colored walls can add personality and charm to a room. If you need help deciding on a color, just look to the furnishings and other room elements for inspiration and choose a color that complements them. Don’t be afraid to stock up on color samples to get the best idea of how different combinations will work.

  • Lighter Shade

    If you don’t want to paint your ceiling a vibrant color, that’s no problem! Paint your ceiling a color that is a few shades lighter than the color you have on your walls. Tip: Even a light shade of color is better than white – stark white ceilings are visually disruptive and can break up the flow of a room design.

  • Warm Colorsceiling-paint2.jpg

    Experiment with your bedroom. Warm, organic colors on both the walls and ceiling create a cozy yet elegant look. It can also help unify your space by tying into other design elements, like rugs and furniture. Plus, warm colors can have a positive effect on your attitude and mental health! Add these colors to rooms where you need an extra boost of focus or energy, or transform an office into an outside-the-box creative zone.

  • Dark Colors

    If you live in an older Victorian or Colonial home with a lot of woodwork detail, add drama to a room by painting a dark tone on the ceiling. This brings the eye down and allows the room’s architectural details to become to main focal point.

Experimenting with painted ceilings is a lot of fun, and you will be surprised and pleased by the outcome. Ceilings often go unconsidered during the decorating process, but they represent a golden opportunity to highlight, complement, accent, and add drama to your room. Happy designing!

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