How to Keep Your Pool Water Clear this Summer

Keep Your Pool Water Clear

Summer is finally here, hot and humid days are upon us, and there is no better way to cool down and relax than a dip in your pool. Unfortunately, the bacteria and algae that form in your pool can prevent you from enjoying it. The best way to keep your pool water crystal clear and safe is through prevention.

Here are the important preventative steps to make sure your pool is clean and ready to enjoy at all times:

  • Maintain proper disinfectant levels. Every pool (even the best kept ones) have germs and bacteria. Keeping the chlorine above 1 ppm will eliminate them. Use a professional grade chlorinating solution like Smart Liqui-Shock by Sunbelt Chemical (available at GNH) to disinfect and clarify pool water.
  • Putting chlorine sticks or tablets in the skimmer basket is a common mistake. Keep the skimmer and line basket clear of debris and don’t add pool chemicals through the skimmers as this erodes the pump impeller.
  • Check your flow meter frequently to be sure the pool is circulating water at a proper flow rate.
  • Brush the walls and floor weekly.
  • Shock the pool on a regular basis. Swimmers and the environment add waste to the pool that must be eliminated continually to prevent problems such as algae and cloudy water. Aqua Chem Shock Xtra Blue (available at GNH) keeps your water clear and kills any algae that may be growing.
  • Algaecides act as a backup to your normal sanitization program and prevent algae from starting and growing in the pool. Algaecide should be added after every shock treatment.

Follow these basic steps and you will be able to enjoy your pool all season long. Happy summer!