Sealing your driveway

Important: Prep the driveway:
Clean with a hose and cleaner,
Degrease any oil spots, fill cracks, pull any weeds or grass.
Sweep away any pebbles

Use the Henry 532 asphalt resurfacer. This product has a 7 year warranty. The rubberized gel formula goes on easy and you only need one coat.

You want the temperature to be above 50 degrees. You don’t want rain in the forecast for 48 hours and you don’t want to drive on the product for 48 hours. Begin early in the day to give it time to dry

Hose down the driveway with a good cleaner and pull any weeds. Fill all large cracks with a crack sealer. Fill any holes with a pothole patch. Let any patches fully cure before you apply the sealer.

With the Henry 532, use the brush side of a driveway applicator to work the sealer into 4 foot by 4 foot sections. Work in 2 directions to get the product into any cracks and pits in the driveway. Apply one thin coat.

What is needed for the job
  • Henry 532 Sealer
  • Paint Brush
  • Brusher
  • Drill with a mixer (optional)