Blacktop Crack Repair

Learn Fix Driveway Cracks

Do you need driveway repairs? In need of blacktop crack repair? Repairing those cracks can be done easily in just a few simple steps. The best type of product to use for this type of project is Asphalt Repair material that resembles simple caulk. After you have your cracks good and cleaned out with a broom, the blacktop repair material is easy to use.

Tip: After the asphalt repair material has been applied, use a small stick to spread the sealant and smear it on both sides so that it bonds well to the blacktop.

Tip: Use small pebbles that you find in your driveway to insert into larger cracks. Simply press into the repair material and fill in around the edges of the pebbles so that they are inserted securely.

Tip: You can also use sand from your driveway to sprinkle over the wet repair material which will prevent tracking and also help disguise the crack even more.

What is needed for the job
  • Asphalt repair caulk
  • Safety glasses
  • Broom
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