5 Unique Deck Designs and Layouts

Deck DesignsA deck is one of the easiest ways to increase living space and add curb appeal to your home. It can improve your home’s value, and add room for grilling dinner, gathering with friends, and late night stargazing.

But you don’t have to stick with a cookie cutter idea of what a deck can look like or how it will function. Sure, you can design a serene space for enjoying those beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But you can also create a backyard playground or design an abstract work of art! The possibilities are endless. What’s more, you don’t have to feel like you’re confined by the space that you have in your backyard. There’s plenty of ways to make your space work for you and build a dream deck or porch!

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Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to plan the deck of your dreams! So, check out these 5 easy ways to help you design a truly unique deck:

 1: Think Outside the Box

Rounded decks feel organic, merge well with natural settings, and can help create separate areas for cooking, seating, or housing a garden or hot tub. Instead of using a traditional deck floor pattern, try creating new and unusual decking patterns, such as basket weave, or alternating diagonals. Just remember – it’s your backyard space and your design, so don’t be afraid to try something new if it fits your budget.

2: Wrap Around Views

Decks that wrap around the second story of a home give tremendous access to views, and they blur the line between interior and exterior living spaces. They’re great for entertaining, after all, who wouldn’t want a full view of the neighborhood or nature surrounding you? Decks like these can double as balconies for morning coffee and are a great place for anyone in your family to sit and think in peace. And they provide as much aesthetic value from inside the home as they do from the outside.

3: Combined Deck and Walkway

Often overlooked during the designing phase, it’s important to consider the transition between the deck and backyard. Adding a paved walkway leading from your deck helps to visually join a deck and garden or large lawn area. It also allows you to introduce harmonizing colors and shapes to pull together the deck and backyard or lawn area. Even better, it provides a much-needed safe path back indoors in case of inclement weather.

4: Added Shade

Adding a pergola, canopy or shaded archway can be instrumental in creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space. It also provides relief from the harshest mid-day sun and offers a safe space to stay outside in case of rain. There are lots of creative ways to introduce shady nooks, such as planting a wall of trees on one side of the deck, or using the cornered walls of your home as a framework. You can also use the covered patio below a second-story deck to introduce swinging hammocks and shaded benches.

5: Make a Playground Deck

Why should kids have all the fun? Turn your deck into a grown-up playhouse with built in climbing walls, slides and more! Nothing brings a gathering of friends and family together like a chance to have some good-natured fun and feel like a kid again. Check out this cool playground deck highlighted on HGTV.com:

Deck Playground

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the TimberTech Deck Designer Tool:

Deck Planner Tool
TimberTech’s materials are low maintenance, safe and durable, for all your decking needs. They also maintain their color for years without the hassle of maintenance. The best decks are made from materials that don’t need frequent maintenance or replacement!

And, because it resists mildew, warping and insects, there’s no need to replace rotting, uneven or termite-damaged boards. Now get started on a truly unique deck design of your very own! And if you’re still feeling stuck in your design process, feel free to contact us! We take pride in helping everyone’s projects work well from start to finish.

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An Outdoor Gathering Place

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