How to Make Your Kitchen Design Your Own

How to Make Your Kitchen Design Your Own

How to Make Your Kitchen Design Your Own

Once you’ve decided where all the cabinets and appliances are going to go in your brand new kitchen, you can start putting your stamp on the kitchen design and truly make it your own.

How your kitchen fits into the vernacular of your home is where this style story begins. The architecture of the cabinetry sets the stage for modern, traditional or rustic design. Then you can start to make it your own with the selection of surfaces, appliances, fixtures, integrated appliances, color and pattern that make the room work for how you cook, entertain and live.

Here is everything you need to know to make your kitchen design your own:

subway tile backsplash

DIY: How to Install a Subway Tile Backsplash

subway tile backsplashSubway tile backsplashes are a growing trend in kitchens and baths and can make for a gorgeous, clean finish.

By taking on some of the work yourself during your kitchen or bath remodel, you can save money and have fun in the process! Installing a subway tile backsplash is a simple project for any DIYer.

In this DIY, we’ll help you learn how to install a kitchen or bath subway tile backsplash in 7 simple steps:


Brighten Up Your Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

Kitchens are often central to a home, both in terms of their physical location and with regards to their importance. It’s where we prepare our morning coffee, make the kids’ packed lunches, bake birthday cakes, and gather when hosting holiday dinners. So, why tolerate a dark and gloomy kitchen?

Instead of letting your dull, outdated kitchen get you down, give yourself the bright, new kitchen you really want to spend time in. There are many tips and tricks to making your kitchen brighter, including these 3 budget-friendly kitchen improvement steps.

Maximize Kitchen Space

5 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space During the Holidays

Maximize Kitchen Space

December is a busy month for the kitchen. Many of us spend our time planning and shopping for the holiday season, as well as welcoming family into our homes.

While it’s an enjoyable time, it can get quite chaotic, especially when you’re the one that’s preparing all the food.

To save yourself some stress this holiday season, consider these tips for both reorganizing your home and maximizing kitchen space:

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your kitchen

What to Know When Choosing Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your kitchen For a quick and easy way to update the look of your kitchen, there’s no better solution than a coat of fresh paint on the walls.

Depending on your choice of color, new paint colors can make the small space feel larger, make a dramatic statement or create warmth and coziness.

When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green are at the top of our list for excellent paint color choices. Yellow is homey and cheerful while red is vibrant and intense—both are believed to stimulate the appetite. Yellow, however, will make a tiny kitchen feel larger, while red will make a large space feel more intimate. Blue, white, green and gray are all calming colors that can help you create a bright and inviting space.

kitchen cabinets uplighting

8 Ways to Bring Your Kitchen Cabinets to Life

kitchen cabinets uplighting

Is your kitchen bland and uninspired? Do you want to update the look of your kitchen quickly and without a major renovation?

Well, you’re in luck! There are a variety of simple ways to improve the look and feel of any kitchen space without breaking the bank with a full redesign. Choose from one or several of the methods below, to create a unique space that’s functional — and beautiful.

Here are a few suggestions to help you bring your kitchen cabinets to life!

Kitchen Painting Made Easy: 7 Easy Steps


If the idea of painting your kitchen sounds intimidating to you, then read on! Refreshing your kitchen with a beautiful coat of paint is much easier than you think – and fun, too! The truth is, you really can save the cost of hiring a professional painter while achieving the same great results. Here’s how:

Follow these 7 easy steps to get your kitchen looking fresh and new without breaking the bank!

FREE Kitchen Planning Guide

FREE Guide for Designing Your Kitchen Layout!

If you are about toKitchen Layout undergo a kitchen remodel, chances are you’ve heard about the “work triangle,” a way to imagine your kitchen layout. The concept can seem complicated at first, but in reality, it’s quite simple!

Whether your kitchen in is U-shaped, L-shaped, straight, or another layout – chances are that there is a triangle at its core, or at least there should be.

What is a work triangle?

The whole “work triangle” concept was developed in the 1940’s during a time when kitchens were fairly small and appliances were large.

Kitchens have 3 primary work areas: the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink.  The “work triangle” consists of an efficient arrangement of these 3 work stations.

A prime kitchen design will have the distances between each space comfortable.  If the distance is too short, the work area will be cramped.  If too far, the cook will become worn out from scurrying between them.

Some rules of the work triangle:

Transform Your Kitchen or Bath with Color

painted kitchen

If you’re considering an updated kitchen or bath for your home, but are working within a limited budget, consider how colors can transform your kitchen or bath without requiring any major renovations.

Bright, vivid walls of color can add impact, set a mood, create a focal point, enlarge a space, or make it feel more cozy. You can also use neutral or restrained colors to create a tranquil environment, or accentuate artwork and fixtures. Paints can also harmonize with your cabinetry (see blue kitchen image at right), or contrast against an architectural feature.