Faux Finishing for Walls

Faux Finishing

Faux finishing is a great and easy way to add the illusion of Tuscan-style texture to your walls. With a few simple steps, it is something that any do-it-yourselfer can tackle – and GNH can help you with everything you need to prepare. First, start out with painting your walls with eggshell finish paint.

Vertical Line Effect: When you are ready to start to create your texture, mask all of your trim with tape. Next, take a small area of the wall and mist with water from a squirt bottle. Then, with a damp towel, wipe the area to make sure that it evenly wet.

Use an angled brush to apply glaze extender to wall evenly with vertical strokes. Then, use a chip brush to pull the glaze vertical to create lines. After each stroke, wipe the brush so that there is no extra glaze left on it. Use a wallpaper smoothing brush to comb fine lines into the glaze. Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours.

Old Wall Texture: Mist wall evenly, and then take tiny amounts of glaze and lightly scrub onto wall with angled brush in a random fashion, lighter in some areas and then heavier in others. Next, take the floor staining brush to evenly brush the glaze out. This will help crate an ‘aged’ look which you will get by glossing over the earlier brush strokes. Be sure to let it dry completely before moving the furniture back.

What is needed for the job
  • Aura Interior – Standish White – Eggshell Finish
  • Aura Interior – Shelburne Buff – Matte Finish
  • Studio Finishes – Glaze Extender – Clear
  • Sudio Finishes – Glaze – Clear
  • Spray Bottle
  • 2 Empty Cans
  • Angled Paint Brush
  • Floor Staining Brush
  • Chip Brush
  • Wallpaper Smoother Brush
  • Gloves
  • Stir Sticks
  • Blue Painter’s Tape
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