Grey is the New Black: Color Trends for 2017

Color Trends 2017

We don’t usually like to play color favorites, but in this case, we can’t resist. 2017 is quick approaching, and that means that it’s time to forecast the newest color trends for the year.

If you’re new to color selection, there are a few things professionals take into consideration when deciding on a palette. Color forecasters draw information from the fashion runways, auto manufacturers and the housewares industry. They also consider what’s going on culturally and how this impacts our national mood.

So, without further ado, here are a few paint color trends for 2017:

Ben Moore’s Color of the Year: ShadowColor of the Year - Shadow

Shadow 2117-30 is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2017. It’s both allusive and enigmatic, making it a master of ambiance. This color can help highlight bright kitchen cabinets or countertops. Emotional connections with this color evoke nostalgic memories of light on space and color.

“It ebbs and flows with its surroundings, and light brings it to life. Rich, royal amethyst can fade into the soft lilac-grey of distant mountains or morph into lustrous coal. Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood.”

—Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director


A Few More Color Trends to Watch in 2017:

 More Color Trends

Choosing a Color

No matter what home improvement project you’re working on, whether it’s a remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or freshening up the walls on other rooms in your home, color selection makes a huge impact on the feel and atmosphere of the space.

If you’re wondering how to best coordinate colors for your project, try using Benjamin Moore’s helpful color finder tool. You can choose a palette by color family, collection, or search for your color by name or number. You can also use their handy Color a Room tool to virtually paint a room color-by-color in order to discover just the right combination for you! Or take advantage of their paint calculator to find out exactly how much paint you’ll need to complete your project.

You want to love the colors that surround you. So, when imagining (or reimagining) a room, remember the influence color will have on the mood of the space. The effect may be subtle or dramatic. It can encourage tranquility or boost energy, even make you feel optimistic or more introspective.


The Basics

To begin to understand color’s emotional impact, start with these color groups:

  • Pales – Their light, airy qualities make pale hues feel uplifting.
  • Neutrals – It’s no surprise that earthy, nuanced colors keep you grounded.
  • Whites – Pure and pristine, these timeless colors offer a blank canvas to express your style.
  • Deeps – Bring drama to a room with colors that are rich and mysterious.

Present Tints - Color TrendsPresent Tints

Pale colors like dusty lavender, ballet pink and sky blue are comfortable and easy to live with. They feel positive and encourage expression, while enhancing other colors.

Be Dramatic

Violet, onyx, sapphire and ruby—even the names evoke something dramatic. Deep colors dissolve boundaries and create depth. They are the opposite of understatement and can fill a room with energy, creativity and confidence.

Versatile White

Whites can easily feel contemporary, classic or anywhere in between. It’s an honest, harmonious family of colors and a great place to start, as they complement any style. You might call it a perfect backdrop for the life happening around it.

Shifting to Neutral - Color TrendsShifting to Neutral

Neutrals go beyond gray and brown into earthy hues like slate, clay, sand and ochre. Colors in this family can be warm or cool, but are always reliable and levelheaded. And because they transition beautiful with shifting light, they’re a good choice for rooms used throughout the day.

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