3 Summer Lawn Care Tips from Scotts

3 Summer Lawn Care Tips from ScottsOne of the best parts about summer, is spending time on the lawn barefoot! There’s nothing quite like the feel of healthy green grass between your toes, especially when it’s cool and lush. So, how do you protect that gorgeous green carpet from the ravages of heat, drought, mowing and malnourishment? Here are 3 quick summer lawn care tips from Scotts to help!

Summer Lawn Care Tip #1: Mow High

According to Scott’s, “Gorgeous summer lawns start with long, deep, healthy roots that snake through soil to find moisture.” Encourage deep roots is by mowing as high as you can for your grass type. Also, sharpen mower blades at least once a season to ensure a clean cut on individual blades of grass, which helps reduce moisture loss.

Summer Lawn Care Tip #2: Water

To keep grass green, healthy, and growing, provide at least 1 inch of water per week, either through irrigation or rainfall. Time irrigation for early morning (between 6 and 10 a.m.) to minimize water loss to evaporation.

Summer Lawn Care Tip #3: Feed

All grass types benefit from summer feeding. Grasses grow most actively during summer heat, so feeding helps fuel and sustain the intense growth. We recommend Scotts STEP 3 Lawn Food With 2% Iron for a great green-up. It also strengthens the lawn against heat and drought. Simply apply with a spreader to a wet or dry lawn! If temperatures are consistently exceeding 90 degrees F, water immediately to reduce stress on your lawn.

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