Maker 101: Joinery Joining Wood

Maker 101 is geared towards people who are just getting started in making and DIY. These videos are meant to give you a high level overview of tools and techniques to help you get started in making your projects.

Use a laser light to line up the position of the holes to be drilled for the can lights. Drill the hole in a space where it can be connected to a joist. To see if the light placement is alright, push a coat hanger wire through the ceiling before cutting the hole. If the position is right, then the hole can be drilled with the Hole saw. Position the can light over the hole and then nail it to the joist. Nail the light braces to the joists.

In this episode, they talk about five common types of wood joinery; Doweling, Mitering, Dado Joints, using biscuit joiners, Pocket Hole

What is needed for the job
  • Wood
  • Dowels
  • Table Saw
  • Stacked Dado head cutter
  • Router
  • Hand Saw Miter Box
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