Installing FOMO Products Handi Foam Insulation

The FOMO products Handi-Foam brand offer easy to use foam products are perfect for air ceiling structures, and the FOMO Work Smart program will help you identify the easiest most efficient way to use FOMO polyurethane spray foam products.

Tip: Safety is essential, no matter the size of the project, so always read the operating instructions before each use.

Tip: Make sure you have all the proper personal protective equipment ready for the job. Never spray foam without Nitrio gloves, safety glasses, and cover exposed skin. Avoid inhaling vapors and only use in well ventilated areas. For bigger jobs where 2 component spray foam is necessary, make sure all proper equipment is used as well as organic vapor respirator.

Consult material safety data sheet before using any FOMO products. FOMO products are professional use only and sold only through professional distribution.

What is needed for the job
  • FOMO Handi-Foam Kit
    (One-component or Two-component)
  • Safety goggles/glasses
  • Nitrio gloves
  • Vapor respirator
  • Protective clothing
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