Create a Faux Marble Bathroom Countertop

How To Create a Faux Marble Bathroom Countertop

Does your bathroom sink countertop need a new look? A faux marble countertop is a fun project and looks great! Clean the surface of the sink very well. Tape around the edge and place a protective cover over the sink. Begin with primer you can use white as a primer or use the color of the walls of the bathroom. Wait for 2 hours to let the primer dry. Then paint background with an assortment of complimentary muted colors. Use a muted color first then dab on a spicier color, then finish with a darker color diluted with water keep your paint moist and dab on the paint with a wet rag or sponge to bring out shadows and interesting texture. The veins of the marble in this video are created with a feather as a brush. You can create an effect that looks like authentic marble. The way to get marble finish is to do a light layer, a dark layer then a light layer.

What is needed for the job
  • Primer- White Water Base
  • Wet Rags
  • 3 different Acrylic colors or More
  • Feather
  • Brush Sable hair brush with a sharp edge
  • Tape
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