Applying Concrete Floor Paint

Is your garage floor a mess? Clean it up and degrease, even pressure wash if necessary before applying paint. You might need to etch it to make the paint adhere. DRYLOK Latex Concrete Floor paint is easy to apply and can transform any space by adding color to dingy concrete. This Latex Base formula is easy and ready to use. Use a brush for the first coat to make it adhere properly- wait 4 hours before applying a second coat, which can be applied with a roller… GNH has all the supplies you need.

DRYLOK Concrete Floor Paint is a flat non slip finish. You can use any type of roller; a roller with a heavy nap will give you more texture than a roller with a finer nap. It depends on your preference. A non-skid additive can be added to any paint to make it non slip (just a little information), but for concrete make sure the product is compatible with the acidity of concrete (like DRYLOK Concrete Floor Paint).

What is needed for the job
  • Drylok Concrete Floor Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Roller
  • Roller Pan
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