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Jacqueline Newell

Meet the Designer

Jacqueline began her design career staging homes in Sarasota, Florida in 2000. She soon began taking marketed homes to their optimum value with a bit of remodeling. Her business evolved into a residential design and project management business. The first time she designed a full kitchen she fell in love with the challenge of putting together all the parts and pieces and realized she had a real knack for it. This led her to a position with Kitchen Décor, a kitchen and bath business serving luxury home builders. Wonderful opportunities came her way in the following years. When she returned home to the Adirondacks she continued designing spaces for residential and commercial spaces. In 2013 she began working for GNH Lumber Inc. specializing in kitchen and bath design.

Jacqueline’s expertise in combining styles, textures, and color gives a unique touch to all her designs. She has a wonderful way of identifying how elements should be constructed in order to achieve a desired outcome. Her acute sense of space complements her ability to envision the final composition. Jacqueline excels at identifying and fulfilling client expectations.

When it comes to design planning, Jacqueline is an amazing resource for clients, as she listens to her clients’ desires and readily identifies their best options. With her knowledge and vast experience, she enables clients to visualize each layer of the design, from the floor plan to finish selections. She brings in the perfect surfaces, textures, color, and lighting to deliver a beautiful and functional kitchen or bath design.

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In-Home Consultation

The first step to creating a beautiful new space is to schedule a consultation with me. I prefer to visit your home to see the space and measure it myself. During the initial consultation, we will explore your thoughts, needs and goals for the space, including project timeline, contractor information, ideas, inspiration, and much more. I may have initial design or layout ideas and options to discuss as I walk through and experience your home’s existing space.


Create & Finalize Your Design

After the consultation, I will develop your design. Design curation involves creating a floorplan, defining cabinetry layout, and specifying materials, hardware, colors, and finishes. I will then schedule an in-store or virtual review to present a 3-D rendering of your new space. I may include optional layouts and designs at this time. If any changes are needed, the design will be modified to better align with your vision, style, and budget.


Final Steps & Follow Up

Once your final design is approved and the deposit collected, I will place your order. When your products arrive, I will contact you to schedule delivery, and will orchestrate the final creation of your beautiful new kitchen. After your project is completed, I will follow up to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new space.

Countertop Measurement Guide

If you’re looking for a replacement countertop, you should start by taking a few basic measurements. First, measure the width and length of the counter. If you have an L-shaped counter, make sure you measure from the end of the counter to the wall for both legs. If you’ve got a room sketch, mark the dimensions on the sketch.

Next, measure any cutouts you need in the counter. This includes the length and width of the sink as well as the size of the faucet base. Also be sure to note if you have a spray nozzle or soap dispenser built into the counter and indicate where the base is and how big it is. Measure in inches from the edge of the sink or other cutout to the closest wall.

After measuring cutouts, be sure to note any backsplashes. If you have these panels that protect your wall (usually found behind a sink or stove), measure their height, length, and depth, as well as their distance from the floor.

Finally, note everywhere your counters will need a finished edge versus where they will be against a wall or appliance.

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