Maximize Kitchen Space

5 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Space During the Holidays

Maximize Kitchen Space

December is a busy month for the kitchen. Many of us spend our time planning and shopping for the holiday season, as well as welcoming family into our homes.

While it’s an enjoyable time, it can get quite chaotic, especially when you’re the one that’s preparing all the food.

Get your kitchen design project started!

To save yourself some stress this holiday season, consider these tips for both reorganizing your home and maximizing kitchen space:Continue reading

Benefits of Going Cordless

Are you sick of having to plan your construction project around a power source? Tired of tripping over extension cords or pulling them out of the outlet when you take just a step too far? You may want to consider upgrading to cordless power tools.

Why Cordless?

There are a number of perks to using cordless power tools. For example:

  • Convenience- Cordless tools allow you to be more mobile. Outdoor projects are a breeze without having to find an outdoor outlet, extension cords or a set up a generator. If you’re moving from job site to job site, they’re easy to pack up and go without the hassle of wrapping a cord.
  • Efficiency- Long battery life allows you to work for hours without interruption. When it does finally die, you can seamlessly switch the battery out with a fresh, charged one.
  • Safety: No more tripping on cords. No more patching up frayed cords with electrical tape.

Is Cordless right for you?

Before making the switch, it’s important to consider whether a cordless tool is right for the type of project(s) you are working on. For most every day projects around the house, a cordless tool will get the job done. Cordless tools are also a good choice if you’re going to be working in tight areas or on a ladder.

If the tool you need uses a lot of power, such as miter saws or metal cutoff saws, or if you’re going to be working with very tough material such as concrete or stainless steel, chances are you will need a corded tool.

While there is not a huge difference in cost between the corded and cordless tools themselves, you need to also factor in purchasing at least two batteries and a charger. This means that cordless tools cost more upfront, but the added convenience is worth the price.

Here are some cordless DeWalt power tools you can find at GNH:

20V MAX* Inflator Bare Promo

This versatile Air Inflater can either be used with a power cord or with a battery to inflate tires, pool floats and basketballs. It features a simple, easy to use digital gauge and its automatic shutoff feature ensures accurate inflation. The inflater also has an LED light for increased visibility in dimly light spaces.

ATOMIC™ 20V MAX* 1/4 in. Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver

This Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver is great for your framing, decking, cabinetry, electrical, dry-wall or plumbing projects. It features an LED light that increases visibility in dimly light work areas. At less than 4” in length, this driver is lightweight and compact, perfect for tight spaces. But don’t let its small size fool you: its motor delivers 1,825 lb of torque and 3,250 rpm to get the job done.

ATOMIC™ 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless Compact 1/2 in Drill/Driver

This Cordless ½” Drill/Driver has variable speeds for increased precision and control, as well as an LED light for increased visibility. Its compact, ergonomic design is comfortable in your hands. Despite its small size, the motor delivers 340 unit watts out and the 1/2” ratcheting chuck has superior bit gripping strength.

20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit comes with the oscillating multi-tool, battery, charger, bi-metal blade, wood cutting HCS blade, universal accessory adapter, sanding pad, 15 sheets of sandpaper, a depth guide and a tool bag. The Quick-Change accessory system makes switching blades easy without the need for wrenches, and the DUAL-GRIP variable-speed trigger increases precision and control. The multi-tool’s powerful brushless motor provides up to 57% more runtime over similar brushed tools.


To see our full line of DeWalt power tools, stop by GNH at our Greenville or Windham locations.

Must have Tools

Must-Have Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Must have Tools

Do you like to tackle your own home improvement and woodworking projects? Maybe there’s a DIY-er in your family who spends more time in the workshop than in the house! If you are working on home projects, you’ll probably need a few tools to round out your collection.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of must-have tools for home improvement projects that will help you get things done faster and easier.

1) Hammer

Pounding nails, pulling nails, tapping things into place — it almost goes without saying that you need a quality hammer. An expensive hammer is long and lightweight; its leverage can assist you when you take that wall down.

2) Screwdrivers

A Philips or X-shape screwdriver is probably one of the most common tools in any toolbox. If you have a handle that accepts interchangeable tips, you can cover a wide range of screw types and sizes.

A flathead or straight screwdriver is invaluable; most light switch plates use straight screws, for example. Having the right size flathead can make a difference, so start with at least a set of three
(small, medium and large) to be able to handle most jobs.

3) Tape Measure

Your tape measure is indispensable for estimating material quantities, figuring out placement of objects, and calculating floor plans and furniture sizes. It’s always a good idea to measure more than once to make sure you’ve got it right.

4) Utility Knife

From cutting paint around windows that are stuck closed to opening boxes, scoring drywall or even trimming the edges of carpet, the uses are so many that you’ll be surprised how you ever got by without one.

5) Level

Nobody can accurately “eyeball” something to tell whether it’s level or not, and slight errors will make frames, shelving, floorboards, or other objects look completely off-line. This tool takes all the guesswork away. In fact, it can’t hurt to have several levels of various lengths.

6) Putty Knife

A putty knife is great for scraping dry glues and paints and for spreading putty, paste and spackle. Having a 1½-inch size for scraping and a 5- or 6-inch one for spreading is infinitely helpful, and will pay itself back quickly over the years.

7) Power Drill

Drilling implies creating holes, and a power drill is the ultimate luxury when tired hands have turned too many screws. It adapts not only to drill bits to bore holes, but also to every kind of screw-head bit, making larger projects go quickly and with less muscle. Just be careful to stop when the fastener is tight, so you don’t strip the screw head. You will appreciate this tool’s power.

8) Reciprocating Saw

If you’re cutting wood for any number of home improvement and DIY projects, you will find that a reciprocating saw is an essential workshop tool. A reciprocating saw is an all-in-one tool that can take the place of several others. It uses a pull and push blade motion to cut in hard-to-reach places where no other type of saw can fit.

9) Miter Saw

A miter saw has a specialized blade that allows you to cut at a variety of angles, making it easily one of the most useful tools in the workshop. Making cuts for crown molding, picture frames, door frames, or window casings? A miter saw is your tool! The saw blade is mounted on a swing arm that pivots left or right to produce the perfect angled cuts each and every time.

10) Cordless Grinder

For metal cutting, smoothing or grinding, nothing but a cordless grinder will do! If your projects involve masonry or concrete with misplaced re-bar or anchor bolts, this handy tool will prove quite the workhorse over time. Or slice through plaster or stucco without ripping out the expanded metal lath.

11) Nail Set

A nail set is used for sinking nail heads below the surface of the wood, so that you can then fill the hole with wood putty and sand it, to make the nail disappear. This way the hammer never has to make an ugly dent in the surface you are pounding.
Looking for the perfect tool – whether it’s for you or a fellow DIYer? Visit your local GNH Lumber today to browse our selection of DeWalt, Stanley, Bostitch and Paslode hand and power tools!