New Products

GNH is excited to announce our new Bloem product line! We are also offering Benjamin Moore Natura paints. Stop in and browse our selection today.

Spinner Daisy

Bloem Small Daisy Spinner Lawn Ornament.

Ideal for any yard or garden. 24 piece display box with assorted bright colors. Colors include: Plummed, Union Red, Sunflower.

Bloem Window Box

Bloem 24" Dura Cotta Window Box - Peppercorn

The classic Dura Cotta planter is now in a window box. Add a little color to your house, deck or porch with our window box.

Bloem Milano Hanging Baskest

Bloem 17" Milano Hanging Basket - Peppercorn

The hanging Planter version of the successful Milano series. Matching macrame cord. 

Lucca Planter 8"

Bloem Lucca Planter

The Lucca planter comes with an attached basin that can be filled for the plant to feed from once the root system is established. Comes in a variety of colors, including terra cotta, peppercorn, and midsummer night. Sizes: 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24". 

Bloem Watering Can

Bloem 2 Gallon Watering Can Midsummer Night

User-friendly handles for precise watering and easy carrying. Tapered handle ideal for tending potted plants. One-piece construction eliminates leaks.

Ben Moore Natura Paint

Benjamin Moore Natura Paint

Benjamin Moore Natura goes beyond zero VOC* to offer zero emissions** and no harsh fumes***, making it a safer paint for your family and the environment, all without compromise to performance or colour selection. Benjamin Moore Natura is truly "Green Without Compromise™."