Using Pet Safe Ice Melt After Shoveling will Protect Those Paws from the Burn

Using Pet Safe Ice Melt After Shoveling will Protect Those Paws from the Burn

Wintertime is here – and it’s already off to a big start! As you plan for a season of snow removal, you might want to think about using pet safe ice melt after shoveling. By choosing ice melt that’s safer for your pets, your family, and the natural environment, you’re making a great choice all around.

We recommend Entry® pet safe ice melt, now available at GNH Lumber.

This chloride-free liquid ice melt is ready-to-use from the bottle. Plus, it quickly dissolves slippery sheets of ice from your driveways – without the use of chloride.

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Why Chloride-Free Ice Melt?

Have you ever walked your dog on a chloride-salted sideway and seen them lift their paws or hop from side to side? Maybe they lick or bite at the pads of their feet later? That burn is caused by chloride, a substance that’s toxic when ingested. Even a small amount of chloride can hurt your pets’ tender paws in the wintertime. Not to mention, chloride also corrodes metals, kills plants and lawns, alters our ecosystem, infects our drinking water.

Yes, popular chloride melts will work to remove ice – but it’s a terrible price to pay. And all too often, de-icers claim they’re pet-safe or eco-friendly when they’re not because they still contain chloride — which is harmful even in small amounts.

You may be thinking, “Safer alternatives are expensive and mostly ineffective anyway, right?” Maybe that’s been true in the past, but it’s not the case anymore. When used as directed, Entry® is the long-awaited, affordable solution for pet owners, and a great choice compared to chloride ice melts.

Learn more about the year-round homeowner benefits to using non-chloride, pet safe ice melt.

Entry® is the first ice melt that works clean and works fast without causing bigger problems. It outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost, providing safety from slip and fall accidents while being safer for:

  • Your pets
  • Your family
  • Your drinking water
  • The environment
  • Concrete and metals
  • Plants and lawns

Plus, Entry® won’t track messy salt granules into your house, saving you time and money on cleanup! And what does track in, won’t harm your floors. The unique chloride-free neutral pH and liquid formula make it less corrosive and less abrasive than traditional granular ice melts, and therefore safer for indoor surfaces.

How does Entry® ice melt work?

Entry® is designed to be applied with a sprayer and vertical fan tip nozzle. You can use any type of sprayer or our easy-to-use sprayers designed to apply this product at the optimal rate and spray pattern. GNH offers a convenient all-in-one sprayer and ice melt residential bundle to get you started with everything you’ll need.

Once you’ve poured Entry® into your sprayer, follow package label instructions. The product is ready to use from the jug; do not dilute. For best results, clear as much ice and snow as possible before applying product. Don’t attempt to “pressure wash” ice or snow using added pressure or volume. It won’t impact results and only wastes product.

Using Entry Pet Safe Ice Melt - How To

When used as directed Entry will turn slippery into safe in less than 30 seconds!

The convenient homeowner package available at GNH comes with a 1/2 gallon of ice melt and a 1 gallon sprayer included (only $47.99 for the winter of 2019-2020):
Pet safe ice melt homeowner bundle

We also carry a variety of refill sizes starting at $19.29/half gallon:Pet Safe Ice Melt sizes

Questions? The knowledgeable staff at GNH Lumber will answer your questions about pet safe ice melt, or help you find the best snow removal solutions to match your needs and budget. Visit us in Greenville or Windham to get started today! Browse pet products at GNH!

Pet Safe Ice Melt is available at GNH