Historic Greene County Business Applauds ADI/Lumberyard’s New Beginning

A Recent Article Highlight’s GNH’s Support for the ADI Lumberyard groundbreaking:

A family-run lumber business that has helped build much of Greene County over the last four generations is lending its support to our Groundbreaking Celebration.

GNH Lumber TeamGenn Hagan, one of the partners at GNH Lumber, has been quick to welcome us to Catskill and share with us her good experience of running a business in the area.

“When new business comes to Greene County, we embrace it,” Genn told us recently. “Here’s another business bringing a positive economic impact to our neighborhood.

“You want the community you do business in to thrive and that starts from the ground up.”

We’re grateful to GNH Lumber for helping sponsor our May 7 event.

GNH has been supplying lumber, windows, floors and building materials for the construction of Greene County homes, office spaces, businesses and their surrounding properties for more than 100 years.

It is now run by four partners including Genn, her father Stan Ingalls, brother John Ingalls and cousin Ed McQuillen.

With four locations in the area and more than 50 employees — many of whom live in Greene County — Genn says she’s encouraged by how much chatter she’s been hearing about ADI/Lumberyard’s arrival.

“Catskill is a great place to embrace ADI/Lumberyard because it has such robust arts initiatives,” she says.

“From a personal standpoint, I have children born and raised in the county. There’s a finite amount of culture they’re exposed to.

“I’m excited that ADI/Lumberyard will be helping teach youth about the arts — which are no longer a focus in the local schools due to budgetary constraints.

Thank you to the GNH team, our future is bright because of support like yours.

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