How to Replace a French Door

Replacing an exterior French Door is something that you can do yourself and GNH is happy to help.

The first step before installing the door is making sure the door will be at the right height when the door is opened. Many people install the door directly on the subflooring of the house, and as a result, the door is not high enough to go over a throw or area rug when opened. If needed, use a piece of plywood under the door to achieve the height you are looking for so that there’s still plenty of room underneath.

To prevent water from getting in, use waterproof flashing around the door. With the last piece of flashing, overlap over the edge so that water can’t get to the wood.

Make sure that the sill is level and then you can lift the door into place. Secure it temporarily with shims so that it is nice and tight in the opening. Make sure that the reveal is also lined up properly.

Review your installation instructions again because it is very important that you know where you should be putting the nails. Most likely, you will be using 16 penny galvanized finish nails.

Lastly, put in the shims according to the instructions along the top and sides, add your insulation and then apply your flashing.

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