Create an Outdoor Patio Space Your Family Will Flock to this Summer!

Patio Ideas

Are you thinking about updating or installing a beautiful patio space? Don’t forget to think about paver patterns! Creating an outdoor space with eye-catching paver designs is a great way to entice visitors, guests and family to spend more time out on your patio. It’s also an easy project that you can do yourself. And, once you master the basics of paver patterns 101, you can always make interesting and one-of-a-kind solutions of your own.

How do you get started? First, choose a paver that will stand the test of time. GNH Lumber suggests AZEK Pavers, which are made from a high performance composite material with a natural appearance and added strength to resist stains and scratches. Backed with the promise of high-quality that comes with the AZEK name, AZEK Pavers come with a 10-year limited warranty and no crack guarantee in residential applications. They:

  • Are composed of up to 95% recycled material
  • Use a patented grid system that reduces installation time by one–third
  • Come in 5 colors, 3 applications, and any number of patterns

Next, choose colors that will best match your landscaping and compliment your home’s exterior. And, finally, decide on a pattern!

Choosing a Pattern

AZEK Pavers can be installed in a multitude of different patterns and combinations (contact your local GNH Lumber expert for guidance or tips). Designs can include small and large repeating patterns, or even random patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Always keep in mind: at least one paver must connect two grids in each direction. The herringbone pattern does this without needing to specially orientate the grids.

Here are 3 Popular Paver Patterns:

Pattern 1: Herringbone


herringbone patternPattern shown in 4″x8″ Redwood and 4″x8″ Boardwalk AZEK Pavers
The herringbone pattern is the most popular, and easiest to install. Pavers will interlock grids in both directions.
• Lay the installation grids as illustrated.
• Start laying pavers at the starting corner.
• IMPORTANT: At least one paver must connect two grids in each direction.


Pattern 2: Basketweave


basketweave patternPattern shown in 4″x8″ Redwood and 4″x8″ Waterwheel AZEK Pavers
This is the simplest installation method for a Basketweave pattern, but it will require extra installation grids.
• The starting paver must be laid 4″ down and 4″ over from the top left corner of the grid. This will shift the pattern over and assure at least one paver will connect two grids in both directions.
• The leftover grid can either be trimmed off, or a 4″ border can be used to fill in the extra space.
• IMPORTANT: At least one paver must connect two grids in each direction.

Pattern 3: Running Bond

running bond

running bond patternPattern shown in 4″x8″ Waterwheel, 4″x8″ Boardwalk and 4″x8″ Olive AZEK Pavers
This pattern will require the staggering of grids to assure the pavers will connect them in both directions.
• The starting paver can be laid in the top left corner, but the next column of grids must be staggered halfway down the starting row. Every other column will need one half grid at the top.
• Each half of the cut grid can be used.
• IMPORTANT: At least one paver must connect two grids in each direction.


For more patterns, advice and tips, stop in to GNH Lumber! No matter what step of the patio-building process you’re on, we can help you find the right product and offer guidance. We hope you enjoy the finished result!