garden oasis stone path

How to Create a Garden Oasis

garden oasis stone pathAn inviting yard provides a calm atmosphere, a tranquil retreat and a relaxing place to entertain.

With springtime in full bloom, it’s time to start creating a detailed game-plan for your spectacular garden oasis! Remember, with a little bit of work and planning now, you can create a garden sanctuary to enjoy all season long – and one that your neighbors will envy, too.

Lawn Care at GNH Lumber

Here are 6 ideas for creating a garden oasis that you can use to escape, relax and even entertain:

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Canning Tips

Step-by-Step Canning Tips

Canning TipsCanning fruits, vegetables, sauces and preserves may appear difficult at first, but once you become familiar with a few basic techniques and precautions, you’ll find it quite simple, and enjoyable. Here are a few basic canning tips to keep in mind.

Canning success comes from always remembering two general rules:

  1. Use the best produce you can find, and;
  2. Make sure your jars are properly sterilized and sealed.

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Garden Fence

Building A Fence For Your Garden

Now that it’s time to start planting for your garden it’s also time to make sure that you keep those animals and pests out by building a fence. All you will need is some poultry netting and fence posts- both of which are on sale this month at GNH, so not only can you start building, but you will be getting a great price on your supplies! Follow these easy steps and you will have your garden fence up in no time.

Determine where you want the fence, and how much fencing you will need. Keep in mind that your posts should be about 6 feet apart, so you will need to figure out how many posts you will need as well.

Once you have all of your supplies, push the posts into the ground by stepping on the fin at the bottom.

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Shrub Cover

The time it will take to build this will vary between 30-90 minutes.

Tree/Shrub Cover Kit

The following are tools and supplies needed to complete your tree/shrub cover project.
Stop into your local GNH Lumber and pick up any items that you may need.

  • 1X4 Pine boards nominal size 3.5″ wide by 3/4″ thick (14CP)
  • Box of #6×1 (H40816) wood screws for small sizes or #8×1 for large sizes.
  • Pair of strap hinges. (H851662)

  • A corded or cordless drill or the Gyro by Black & Decker
  • 1/16″ or 5/64″ drill bit
  • A #2 Phillip’s head with magnetic bit holder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Framing speed square
  • Handsaw or circular saw (a miter saw works as well)
  • For safety we recommend safety glasses and leather gloves. Nothing is worse the getting wood dust in your eye or friction burn on your fingers driving wood screws!

Plan and Build Your Shrub Cover

Step 1

First, decide that size or sizes or tree/shrub coverings you want. Then, bring your list of material needs and measurements for the wood to GNH Lumber and we will be happy to help you with your tree/shrub cover needs. We recommend trying to maximize your measurements with the ability to transport your wood home in your vehicle. GNH Lumber does offer delivery for a nominal fee of $35.00

Step 2

GNH can cut your boards for you to the nearest full inch, we have a $1.00 fee per cut. Be sure you have the right length as cut products are not returnable to GNH Lumber.

Begin by putting on your safety glasses. Measure your 1×4 pine boards to the length you wish to cut (our demo was 18″). Remember to measure one last time before you cut. Use the framing speed square and pencil to get a nice clean straight line across your 1×4 for your cut. Cut your 1×4 to get all of your vertical pieces. Most covers will have eight pieces.

Step 3

Next, get ready to cut your horizontal pieces. Take one last measurement, then use your framing speed square and pencil to mark where you will cut. Cut your horizontal pieces to the length you need. Save your scarp pieces of 1×4! These will come in handy when getting the spacing between boards to match. Stack your vertical pieces together to make sure they all came out the right length. Adjust accordingly if you desire.

Step 4

Shrub Cover Step 2

On a flat surface, lay your 1×4 vertical pieces out side by side. Use one of your scrap 1×4’s for spacing between the boards (using the 3/4″ thick side), and use your framing speed square to make your first piece straight. Take one of your horizontal pieces and lay it on top of the vertical 1×4’s perpendicular (at a 90-degree angle). Get your drilling device of choice. Remember if using a cordless drill be sure that you have a freshly charged battery it will be easier to drill your pilot holes and drive your wood screws. Load your drill bit of choice in the drill.

Step 5

Shrub Cover Step 3

If unsure that your drill bit is long enough, compare the drill bit on the edge of 1×4 to see if the bit will be long enough to get to the lower 1×4 board before you drill. When drilling, most drills have a “drill” setting. Set to drill. Be sure you are at least 3/4″ from any edge. When you drive the screw the wood may still split.

Step 6

Shrub Cover Step 4

Firmly hold the two pieces down, plunge the drill bit into the top 1×4 and proceed down so it penetrates into the lower board a bit. Switch the drill to reverse, pull trigger and extract. Repeat this process in a zigzag pattern; making two holes in each vertical piece and three on the two outer pieces.

Remove your drill bit and put in your magnetic bit holder with the #2 phillips bit. Open your box of #6 or #8 x 1 wood screws. For safety keep your safety glasses on and put on your leather gloves. Take your drill off of the “drill” setting. We recommend a driving speed of 14. Put your screw on the phillips bit and firmly push the screw into the pilot hole and squeeze the trigger, keep the drill as straight as possible and drive the screw down a little past the face of the 1×4. Repeat this step on the other three horizontal pieces.

Step 7

Shrub Cover Step 5

Your panels are now together. Open your strap hinge package and choose which will be the top or your cover. Place both hinges down on the horizontal 1×4 line up to make sure the hinge screw won’t land on one of the other screws. Mark the locations with your pencil. With your drill and drill bit drill, pilot holes for the hinges. When you are done, place the hinges back over the pilot holes and drive the screws into the holes. When this is complete, place another panel next to hinges and repeat the process.

Step 8

Shrub Cover Step 6

Once all are finished, lift up your new tree-shrub cover, opened like an “A”, and admire your handy work!

Shrub Cover Step 7