Diablo Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set, 14-Piece

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Drills clean wood, nail-embedded wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, cast iron and stainless steel

The Diablo 14-Piece Hole Saw Kit features ten (10) bi-metal hole saw cups, 1 piece SnapLock PLUS mandrel, 1 pilot bit and 2 adaptor nuts (1/2″ and 5/8″) for quick and easy hole saw cup changes for maximum job performance. This new, high performance hole saw set delivers faster cutting performance and increased productivity versus standard bi-metal hole saws. This set includes a heavy duty, durable case for easy and convenient storage of hole saws.

DHS0875 (7/8″), DHS1000(1″), DHS1125(1-1/8″), DHS1375(1-3/8″), DHS1500(1-1/2″), DHS1750(1-3/4″), DHS2000(2″), DHS2125(2-1/8″), DHS2500(2-1/2″), DHS2563(2-9/16″), 1) Mandrel, 1) Pilopt Bit, 2) Adapter Nuts (1/2 in and 5/8 in), Plastic Case

Original Price: $106.29
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