Adding Metro Mojo to Your Home with Cultured Stone

Add Metro Mojo with Cultured Stone

Whether you’re moving into a new space or adding onto your current home, matching aesthetics to design goals is key. It’s important to end up with a look and style you love, but it all has to work together in harmony!

Adding urban flair and character to your home with a natural stone feature is an exciting and fun experience! It’s a great project for any DIY-er to tackle, and once you set your budget, the only limit is your imagination.

As you plan your newly re-invented space, don’t forget to consider budget, timeline, and stylistic choices, such as color and material. This will help you to define your vision from the start, which will streamline the renovation process.

If you’re looking to add a touch of metro mojo, using Cultured Stone is a great place to start! These cleverly crafted cultured stone veneers can be used in many different ways to give your home a sleek, stylish look.

Embrace Your Outdoor Space

Whether your home has a rooftop escape or not, you should make the most of your outdoor space. And don’t worry, you can do it with any sort of space – even if it’s shared with neighbors!

You can spruce up your outdoor space with floral arrangements, in pots if needed. We also recommend adding murals or any other artistic expression that reminds you of city parks. Try adding strand lights or other fun lighting arrangements to help enhance that hip metro feel. If your backyard isn’t shared and you have extra space, you have an even better option. Try building a secret garden to give you a “private” feeling to remind you of other secluded gardens. You could even build personal walkways or garden walls with Cultured Stone!

Don’t forget to make sure your outdoor space is fit for entertaining guests! As the weather gets warmer, a backyard getaway or rooftop escape is the perfect place to gather once the sun goes down. Make it great for an evening under the stars by creating a conversation space. Be sure to equip it with lovely seating options around a Cultured Stone firepit or firebowl. With nearly limitless configuration options and styles available, you can create a truly magical and luxurious gathering space the perfect stage for countless memories to be made!

Creating Trendy Together Spaces

There’s something magical about the communal component of urban living – no matter where. It’s time for your fireplace surround to soar like a within a historic brownstone home. Your wall between the den and the kitchen can function as an indoor window. There are many little touches that can bring any space together in a modern and stylish way. Cultured Stone makes it simple to recreate any urban and trendy looks! Even better, these manufactured stone veneers can be colored to match whatever the tone of whatever room you’re adding onto.

Add a Touch of Cosmopolitan Customization

Trends and styles are always evolving and blending new features with existing attributes. This “constant change” energy means that every home on your block is changing – and each with its own identity. Thankfully, you have many tools at your disposal to add more personality to your home and help increase its curb appeal to boot. Try enlarging the size of your windows to let more light in and incorporate a bright, linear stone profile to enhance the presence of that light. We also recommend playing with color palettes, fixtures, and finishes to personalize every inch of your home!

Everything from new Cultured Stone features to enhance a room, to statement lamps in the entryway can add value to your home! The right extra touches can add a chic, cosmopolitan vibe to your home – new or old.


Wherever you call home, whether it’s urban, suburban, or something more – it should match the needs of you and your family. By adding onto your home with Cultured Stone, you can create a warm and personalized space for anyone. Contact our talented team today to learn how we can help improve your home!


Source: Cultured Stone