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GNH History

For over 100 years, GNH Lumber has been a vital part of the community. Helping to build your dreams, expand your homes with your growing families, and reinvent your living spaces as your needs change… Through the years GNH has never lost sight of its original philosophy of customer service. The company’s mission is to…

Tips and trends from past projects

Tips & Trends

Browse our home DIY projects to find how-to videos, plus tips & tricks to help you design, plan and complete your project. Videos, tips & tricks geared directly for contractors! Find info here directly from manufacturers and other projects to help you complete your next big project.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for qualified, enthusiastic and highly motivated people to join us and be a part of a winning team! Browse our open positions, and then download an Employment Application and bring to GNH to inquire about our current openings.