Atrium windows

HUGE Atrium Window Sale!

There couldn’t be a better time to replace your windows: these are unbelievably low prices on Atrium windows!

atrium windows sale

Springtime is the perfect season to invest in your home’s efficiency, prepare to seal out the heat of summer, and enjoy unbelievably low prices on Atrium Windows at GNH Lumber. Replace your old, rattling windows with brand-new vinyl double-hung windows from Atrium:

Starting March 5th, get 8300 Double Hung Replacement Windows (under 101 United Inches) for:

ONLY $149.00


Vinyl is the ideal material for engineering high-performance, energy efficient windows that are both beautiful and practical. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The high-performance vinyl frames wipe clean in no time and optional grids come fixed between the glass panes so they never need cleaning.

Stop in to your local GNH Lumber for more information!

How to Measure Windows

How to Measure Windows

How to Measure WindowsIf you’re going to install replacement windows, it pays to measure windows correctly the first time and avoid the headache of placing an incorrect order.

How to Measure Windows 101:


  1. Always measure the entire window, not just the glass! This includes the frame and trim as well as the window glass. Record your measurements to the nearest 1/16 inch.
  2. When recording measurements, follow the format “width by length.” For example, a window that is 63 inches wide and 27 inches long is recorded as “63 x 27.” A window that is 37 inches wide and 55 inches long is recorded as “37 x 55.”
  3. Measure windows width from left edge to the right edge.
  4. Measure windows height from top edge to the bottom edge.