Stylish Painting Techniques

9 Stylish Techniques for Painting Living Rooms

Stylish Techniques for Painting Living Rooms

Does your living room need a fresh look? Are you thinking about painting your living room but don’t want to go with the same, boring solid walls of solid color?

Don’t worry – there are many creative and out-of-the-box ways to approach your living room painting project. And we’ve gathered up a few stylish and fun living room painting ideas you can try this fall.

Painting is one of the most amazing tools for creating a whole new living space quickly and at minimal cost! It’s a fun weekend project for the whole family. Beyond a rainbow of colors, sheens and finishes, there are also a wide range of textures, effects, stenciling and other creative techniques you can use to really make your living room walls pop.

The only question is: which stylish technique for painting living rooms will you pick?

painted ceiling

Transform Any Room with A Painted Ceiling

painted ceiling

Flip through any home décor magazine and you’ll notice that the ceilings are almost always painted – and, more often than not, in bright, bold colors.

Designers never omit the ceiling when designing the color scheme of a space.  After all, the ceiling is the largest area of uninterrupted surface in a room. Therefore, the color you choose for a ceiling will dramatically impact the room’s overall effect.

Not sure what color to choose?  Here are some tips on how to transform your room with a painted ceiling: