Planning Services

GNH Lumber is unique in the sense that its Greenville location houses the area's only Home Planning Center. The center offers services that allow homeowners and contractors alike to start the homebuilding and remodeling process. We help outline the steps that you will take to kick off your next project. The center houses full time services including; CAD, estimating, kitchen & bath, flooring, windows, doors and building material showroom. Each member of our staff is educated in the fundamentals of the building process and on hand to help our valued customers.

Planning your project is multi-faceted; do you know where to start? Are you prepared for the different stages of your projects? Are you confident in your budget? Have you received the necessary permits to start your projects? Do you have a contractor? These are just the basic questions and there are hundreds more that you can ask. Our goal in the Home Planning Center is to equip you with the basic knowledge and understanding of your project at hand. We strive to provide our customers with what they need to bring their dreams into reality.

Do you need an estimate? As a service, GNH will provide an estimate for our customers based on a valid set of blue prints, we cannot provide an accurate take off on blue prints that are not complete. Estimates are not an exact science our estimate is based on our building styles not necessarily those of the end user. Our estimate is a tool with which the consumer can obtain an approximation of the cost of their project. We will not specify or provide calculations on prints that we did not provide. All inquiries can be made to



What services does the Home Planning Center Provide?

The planning center is an information hub of GNH Lumber; we provide literature, displays of windows, doors, kitchens, flooring, and more. This center allows our customers to not only see first-hand the products available to them but allows them to make an educated decision about what products to use in their upcoming project.

What is involved in the design of your home or addition?

Your initial visit will allow our staff to see what requirements your family will need in your home/addition. Your first discussion with our staff will help them to understand your vision and will design the project to fit your needs and you will be provided with a preliminary drawing at a future appointment to be reviewed and discussed until your final plans are approved and ready to be finalized.

Does GNH employee an engineer?

GNH does not employ a full time engineer they contract out their engineering services. Their staff reviews all of our drawings and certifies that the structures that we have drawn will be structurally sound and meet all of the NYS building codes. The engineering fees will be determined on a case by case basis.