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Don't miss out on the October 2014

DEALS of the month
Ending October 31

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5477 Route 23, Main St.
Windham NY
Discount Building Supply, Building Materials Sales

GNH's Featured Home Product Sales & Building Materials Sales This Month!

Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Alarm
First alert
2-in-1 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with photoelectric patented smoke entry system. Slim design is half the size of a standard alarm with nuisance free technology. Features power LED (light emitting diode) and alarm indicator, mute/silence

Reg: $44.49 Model: PC900

Expires: 10/31/14
Smoke Alarm w/ Light
First Alert
First Alert Escape Light Smoke Alarm has a bright fire escape light which activates with the alarm to illuminate a path to safety. The ionizing smoke sensor provides optimal smoke detection from flaming fires. Features:Bright fire escape light - activates with alarm to illuminate a path to safety Mute button - mutes unnecessary alarms immediately.

Reg: $15.79 Model: SA304CN3

Expires: 10/31/14
Home Fire Extinguisher
First Alert
Rechargeable Home Fire Extinguisher is ideal for use in any household location designed to fight wood; paper; fabric; flammable liquid and electrical fires. Durable metal head designed to meet demanding household requirements. If the unit is used; it can be recharged by a certified professional. Includes mounting bracket to keep unit secure. 10-year limited warranty. Meets UL standards.

Reg: $18.29 Model: HOME1

Expires: 10/31/14
Soot Remover Stick
Use in wood burning systems. May be effective against scale and soot in wood burning systems. Can help reduce the threat of a chimney fire and increase heating efficiency.

Reg: $2.59 Model: KK0317

Expires: 10/31/14
9V Battery 2-Pack
Two-pack of 9-volt disposable Duracell batteries.

Reg: $7.89 Model: MN1604BZ

Expires: 10/31/14
AA Battery 8-Pack
8 pack of Duracell Ultra AA batteries Duracell's premier battery for photo/electronic devices Uses Duracell's M3 technology, specifically formulated for high powered devices.

Reg: $7.39 Model: MN15B8ZTSS

Expires: 10/31/14
Bar & Chain Oil
1 gallon
Premium lubricant designed especially for the lubrication of bar and chains on chain saws, and all types of link chains that require lubrication, including motorcycles and bicycles, as well as farm and industrial uses.

Reg: $11.89 Model: 702277

Expires: 10/31/14
2-Cycle Oil
Designed to meet the high performance requirements of severe duty air-cooled two-stroke-cycle engines. Recommended for all 2-cycle air-cooled motors and may be used in such equipment as snowmobiles, motorcycles, chain saws and lawnmowers where specified.

Reg: $1.89 Model: 702275

Expires: 10/31/14
Trash Bag 50-Pack
39 Gallon
Husky premium trash bags out-perform all major brands. Our proprietary blend of high-performance polyethylene resin combined with state-of-the-art processing technology gives these bags a significant strength advantage over thicker bags made from conventional material. Nothing's tougher than Husky. 50 bags with 147.6l capacity.

Reg: $14.29 Model: HK39WC050B

Expires: 10/31/14